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Dec 22 Friday Market Review
Friday aftermarket commentary from Franklin Sanders plus Gold & The Century Of China with Morris Hubbartt...

Dec 22 Nothing Is Ever As It Seems And No Respite For PMs Edge Trader Plus
What most people refuse to understand, if not even acknowledge, is the extent to which the elites have an utter stranglehold on the world’s financial system, and by world we do not mean just the Western world. China and Russia are included. There is no single country that can exist without the machinations of the elite’s banking system. They have been running the world for a few hundred years and are masters at it....

Dec 22 853 Points of Infamy Andrew Hoffman
...the fact that gold and silver, which rocketed higher Tuesday morning due to their timeless safe haven status, were 2% and 5%, lower Thursday afternoon, amidst a veritable blizzard of PM-bullish news, demonstrates just how terrified TPTB were of a spreading financial contagion. Clearly, they had hoped to generate “confidence” with a heavily orchestrated incrementally “hawkish” FOMC statement. However, given the aforementioned “extraneous events” – from collapsing commodities and currencies; to the alarming result of the Greek snap elections; to horrible economic news in the...


Dec 22 A Time to Prepare Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
At this moment…Silver and gold are a bet on the stupidity of the modern economists that frequent academic establishments.  Although it isn’t even that personal. The metals are a cheap option against the money captured finance and money printing gone wild. A put against the insanity of the political system and as if that were not enough, the pricing mechanism (like all financial derivatives) is a “legalized” price fixing drastically covering the truth about physical supply and demand....

Dec 22 Yes, Russia To Unleash Black Swans Against West But Here Is The Scary Part KWN
Just like Dr. Roberts said, the world is now on the brink and appears to be headed for catastrophe. As one of the original founders of the preparedness movement 30 years ago, it’s very important that people are prepared for what’s coming. Those who fail to prepare are ensuring a bad outcome for themselves and their families. People can be incredibly wealthy, Eric, but what good will it do them if the banks are shut down and they have no access to their wealth due to a cyberattack and lockdown of the financial system?...


Dec 19 The Gold Price Closed Up $0.40 or 0.03 Percent at $1,194.70 Franklin Sanders
The GOLD PRICE closed up -- get ready! -- forty cents today to $1,194.70. Silver jumped, or should I say "twitched" three-tenths of a cent to 1589.4. Ratio stands at 75.167. To be knocked down as it was earlier this week and yet not break down says a lot for the strength of the GOLD PRICE. From here it needs again to conquer $1,205, then $1,218-1225. The SILVER PRICE is dead in the water, but yesterday and today recovered much of Tuesday's fall. This ain't gigantic, but it's not fatal, either. Gives y'all a chance to buy silver cheaper....

Dec 19 Out Of Ammo, Velocity and Confidence Are Inverse Bill Holter
When this margin call does come (and it may already be happening as judged by the oil market), “velocity” will turn violently and overnight. The turn in velocity will be a symptom/cause of our currency devaluing. The rush out of dollars and into “stuff” as the Russians are now experiencing will in my opinion be far greater and much more rapid. “Confidence” and “velocity” are inverse of each other. We are currently at the height of confidence and the depths of velocity. Confidence is truly the only piece of chewing gum holding the game together....


Dec 19 Will This Nightmare Scenario Send Silver To $500 & Gold To $10,000? KWN
Very soon gold will break out above the 2011 high in all currencies. Looking at Russia, David Cameron made an amazing statement this week. He said that ‘Russia is not fit to be part of an international system.’ First of all, I’m not sure Russia wants to be part of the rotten system that we have in the West. But let’s look at the facts: Russia’s Debt/GDP is 14 percent. In the U.S., for example, it’s 105 percent. Russia has a current account which is positive and the estimated surplus for this year is $70 billion. If you look at the U.S., it hasn’t had a current account surplus in over 50 years. Russia also has Forex reserves of $400 billion, and the maximum debt service for all Russian debt in 2015 is $100 billion....

Dec 19 Why Russia Will Halt the Ruble’s Slide and Keep Pumping Oil Marin Katusa
The harsh reality is that U.S. shale fields have much more to fear from plummeting oil prices than the Russians, since their costs of production are much higher, says Marin Katusa, author of The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp. Russia’s ruble may have strengthened sharply Wednesday, but it’s plunge in recent days has encouraged plenty of talk about the country’s catastrophe, with some even proclaiming that the new Russia is about to go the way of the old USSR. Don’t believe it...


Dec 19 How to Own Precious Metals? Global Precious Metals
The liberty-minded individual is turning to precious metals as a safe haven in these economically troubled times. He knows that gold has acted as a stable store of value for thousands of years while the value of world currencies has steadily declined. He understands the need to own tangible and liquid assets, even more so in an environment of ever-expanding fiat money and government debt. He has decided to partially opt-out of the current financial system by directly owning tangible wealth. This report will refer to this liberty-minded individual as the Wise Investor, who has decided to take control of his wealth.

Dec 19 Five Rare Birds Sing a Wise Tune Dennis Miller
Large debt can make people feel out of control. It’s often overwhelming. But we all have a lot control over the expense side of our ledgers. You can’t un-spend money you’ve already spent, but you can reduce what you spend today, the next day, and the day after that. Those reductions can help you eliminate debt, and from there, you can follow the path of Rich Retiree #5—start making those debt payments to yourself....

Dec 18 U.S. Declares (Currency) War On Russia Jeff Nielson
U.S. economic terrorism (i.e. the One Bank’s economic terrorism) has hit a new extreme this week. This crime syndicate has launched what can be termed nothing less than an all-out effort to destroy the economy of Russia. Its modus operandi is, once again, currency manipulation. What is the quickest/easiest way to destroy an economy? Drive the value of its currency as close to zero as possible. The effect of such a manipulated “devaluation” is a massive explosion in inflation. And the effect of that is to make all Russians much poorer.

Dec 18 Crashing Oil May Result In “Perestroika?” Bill Holter
...…ask yourself why China and Russia have been accumulating it so fiercely? Russia can certainly say “hey, you crashed the price of oil, but now we want something real for our real product”. This would certainly work for China as they are filling their oil reserves and would like their gold stash to be valued at a level to back their currency for the next 100 years or more. The other side of the coin of course is what will be learned of Western gold reserves. Do we have it or not to pay? Is this why the “core four” of Germany, Holland, Belgium and Austria want their gold back within their borders? Can they see the need to use it for oil and gas purchases or to back a bloc currency?...

Dec 18 Puerto Rico’s Tax Incentives Are a No-Brainer Nick Giambruno
 Whenever I see the words “life-changing opportunity” or something like that, I immediately dismiss it as a lame gimmick or hyperbole. And while I am truly reluctant to use those often misused words, I can honestly think of no better way to describe Puerto Rico’s tax incentives for traders, hedge funds, private equity firms, and asset managers of all stripes. This is truly a life-changing opportunity for them, and that’s not BS. By the end of this article, you’ll see why....

Dec 18 Financial Market Manipulation Is The New Trend: Can It Continue? Paul Craig Roberts
Dec 18 Euro Crisis Deepens James Hall
Dec 18 2015 & 2016 Will Be Among The Most Critical Years In Western Civilization KWN
Dec 18 U.S. Dollar Collapse? USD Index Trend Forecast 2015 Nadeem_Walayat
Dec 17 The Gold Price Closed Down $13.30 or 1.1 Percent at $1,193.90 Franklin Sanders
Dec 17 The “Core Four” Nordic Bank Run! Bill Holter
Dec 17 Ronald Stoeferle: Opposing Forces At Play In The Precious Metals Complex GSW
Dec 17 Chancellor Merkel Won’t Let Ukraine Get in the Way of Business Marin Katusa
Dec 17 17 Reasons Why I Trust Silver" then please use it Gary Christenson
Dec 16 One Foot on a Banana Peel …The Other in a Grave! Bill Holter
Dec 16 This Shocking Admission Has Just Rocked The Gold Market KingWorldNews
Dec 16 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack
Dec 16 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack
Dec 16
Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Dec 16 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Dec 15 Friday Review
Dec 15 The Morality and Legality of Debt Jubilee, Part III Jeff Nielson
Dec 15 #8 Silver Squelchers and their Interesting Associates Charles Savoie
Dec 15 Wall Street, aka United States, Pulls Off Another Destructive Coup Edge Trader Plus
Dec 15 Petrodollar Ponzi Madness Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Dec 15 On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse Paul Craig Roberts



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