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Apr 18 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed down $9.70 at $1293.40 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was down 3 cents to $19.59. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1295.00; silver: $19.65. Let's head immediately to see the data for today. First: GOFO rates - First time ever: GOFO is negative for all 6 months. Oh OH!! today, again, the front one month, two month 3 month and now the 6 month GOFO's rates went much deeper into backwardation with a negative GOFO. And now finally the rate on the 6 month moved negative in values. Thus all six months are in backwardation. It is signaling a lack of London good delivery bars that the criminal bankers use to attack gold....

Apr 18 Phantom Gold Inventories: Has The Comex Already Defaulted? Jeff Nielson
To the best of my own knowledge; there has never been any official declaration of inventory-fraud in the gold market as there has been in the silver market – meaning that every time someone buys an ounce of ETF-gold, inventories go up by one ounce (in an obvious fraud), rather than down by one ounce (as would occur in any legitimate market). However, what we are now seeing in the empirical evidence is the apparent duplication of the same inventory-fraud in the gold market as has been going on in the silver market since 2005. Seeing Comex inventories suffer their most-dramatic declines in history at precisely the same time that GLD holdings suffered their most-dramatic declines in history was an extraordinary coincidence....

Apr 18 How to Momentum Trade Gold & Silver Stocks Chris Vermeulen
Back on April 9th I posted a short tutorial on how to momentum trade gold along with my short term gold forecast. Today I wanted to do a follow up video for my gold market traders for three reasons: 1. I had lots of great feedback from traders taking advantage of what I showed to profit in the past week. 2. To show you how and why this strategy works better with gold stocks and silver stocks. 3. To provide my short term gold forecast so you are on the right side of the market for next week....


Apr 18 Fed’s Low-Rate Pledge Keeps Wind At Stock Market’s Back Chris Ciovacco
We outlined the economic rationale for monitoring the strength of industrial stocks on April 4. Investors would be showing renewed confidence in the wake of Yellen’s remarks if their buying conviction can push the Dow to a new weekly closing high. The zig-zag look of the Dow is indicative of investor confusion. During periods of low conviction and indecisiveness, it can be helpful to draw some lines in the risk-reward sand. For example, one might take a more measured approach redeploying cash as long as...

Apr 18 10 Ways to Screw up Your Retirement Dennis Miller
There are many creative ways to screw up your retirement. Let me show you how it’s done. Supporting adult children. My wife Jo and I have friends with an unmarried, unemployed daughter who had a child. Our friends adopted their grandchild and are now in their late sixties raising a kid in grade school. The same daughter had a second child, and they adopted that one too. When she announced she was pregnant a third time, they finally said, “Enough! It’s time for a third-party adoption.”...


Apr 18 Conspiracy Fact Versus Conspiracy Theory Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
The mainstream is on an academically-driven mission to politicize conspiracy theories and lump them all into the same category. While gold and silver manipulation is an ancient conspiracy fact, eyes are wide shut to the general awareness in the face of one revelation after another. The news cycle is filled with a carefully crafted digestion of tightly controlled sound bites that are presented with no lack of drama, glitter, and spotlights. The mainstream media is perfectly positioned to make theater of the issues that remain esoteric and out of reach. The further the issue is from the majority's perception, the more black and white will be the acceptance. Belief is emotional, politically framed....

Apr 18 Gold Forecast & Major Currency Is Collapsing Chris Vermeulen
I want to make you aware of a possible major breakdown in the US dollar index and provide you with my gold forecast. If this scenario plays out then we will see the Euro explode to the upside and also see commodity based currencies like the Canadian dollar, and Aussie dollar rally. This would also be bullish for commodities in general like gold, silver, precious metals mining stocks etc…

Apr 17 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed up $3.10 at $1303.10 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was up 14 cents to $19.62. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1302.00; silver: $19.65. Let's head immediately to see the data for today. First: GOFO rates - Oh OH!! today, again, the front one month, two month and 3 month GOFO's rates went much deeper into backwardation with a negative GOFO. And to boot the rate on the 6 month moved within a hair of a negative values. It is signalling a lack of London good delivery bars that the criminal bankers use to attack gold. We had an increase in negativity in all months, and as mentioned above, the first 3 month GOFO rates are in backwardation. Today is the 5th day in a row that gold has been in backwardation (and 9 days out of the last 10 trading days)....

Apr 17 My Back and Forth Yesterday With John Embry Bill Holter
This has been “economic war” literally since the 1970′s, we just didn’t know it…the East did. While we “thought” we were winning the war with battles along the way (i.e. collapsing Russia) we lost track of their “troops and their strategy.” This I believe was evidenced by Dick Cheney’s quote that “deficits don’t matter.” They do matter; they always have and always will matter. James Turk by the way is reporting that silver is now also in a negative GOFO structure which would also argue that silver is finally becoming tight. I may be wrong but I see this entire episode as many battles within a giant war where the Chinese have allowed us more and more “rope” to hang ourselves while we won “battles” here and there…until they spring the final trap and win the war....

Apr 17 Glaring Q.E. Failure Spotted Jim Willie
The solution is not more bond purchases, broader monetization programs, more liberalized bank reserve rules, or suspended accounting rules. The solution is liquidation of the big dead zombie banks, and a return to the Gold Standard. It will be put in place. It will be installed. It will arrive with a vast new structure of legitimacy. It will include barter systems and decentralized mechanisms. It will include new Letters of Credit based in Gold Trade Notes. But the East led by Russia, China, and followed by India, Japan, and South Korea will be the promoters, installers, and architects of the new strong stable equitable Gold Standard system that the Untied States dreads and fears....

Apr 17 Doug Casey’s Coming Super-Bubble Louis James
In many of my conversations with legendary speculator Doug Casey since the crash of 2008, Doug has talked about a coming super-bubble. Everything Doug has studied about human nature, history, and economics—from Roman times right up to the present—has him absolutely convinced that the global economy is headed for high inflation, with a very real potential for hyperinflation in the US. Ben Bernanke's panicked deployment of squadrons of cash-laden choppers has been emulated around the world. The Bank of International Settlements estimates that global debt markets now exceed $100 trillion....

Use Algorithmic Trading to Grow Your Portfolio & Income

Apr 17 High-Frequency Insider Trading James Hall
No one has ever claimed that the financial markets are a level playing field. Equities, bonds, currencies, options and futures are not arenas that operate by equivalent standards for all parties. Great fortunes were built not by chance, but on superior information, known to the few. Professional traders are not risk gamblers, but operate on the premise of special advantage. Through advance and proprietary techniques that reduce exposure hazards and provide exclusive head start triggers, which virtually guarantee profits, the elite firms dominate Wall Street....

Apr 17 Paul Craig Roberts - Is Belgium Part Of A U.S. Scheme? KingWorldNews
...the U.S. is now relying on our empire to provide us with a support system so that the Fed can stop threatening the dollar by printing so much new money to buy the bonds. Meaning, in order to stop that, the Fed has to have somebody else buy the bonds. The problem for the Fed is this will have to encompass more than Belgium. It will be interesting to see what the German, French, British, Italian, and Japanese, Australians, Canadians, and Taiwanese purchases of U.S. Treasuries look like in the future. The U.S. will probably make all of those countries buy our bonds....

Apr 17 Stock Rally: Will Third Time Be A Charm For Dow? Chris Ciovacco
After pointing out a Dow Theory non-confirmation that was in place on April 4, the S&P 500 dropped over 50 points. Has the Dow posted a new closing high during this week’s rally? Not yet. The inability to print a new high is indicative of investor doubt about earnings, the economy, and central bank policy. Janet Yellen’s remarks helped boost stocks Wednesday, but those moves can be “one day wonders”. We will see if the gains can continue on Thursday....


Apr 16 The Gold Price Dropped $27.20 Franklin Sanders
You'd think that an institution charged with promoting the gold industry would produce reports that at least cast the best light on gold's prospects. You'd think wrong, if you're thinking about the World Gold Council. They've been negative on gold for, oh, the last 14 years or so. Today they issued a report that contained a nugget about Chinese business using physical gold as collateral for bank credit ($40 bn worth) but they managed to tease a gloomy forecast even out of this inventive monetary use. That and bad economic news out of China appeared to be the catalyst for gold's drop today. But when the drop is ready, the cause appears....

Apr 16 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed down $27.20 at $1300.00 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was down 52 cents to $19.48. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1303.00; silver: $19.62. Yesterday I wrote the following: "Silver was held in check again (up only 7 cents) and this is a true signal that the boys wish to whack our precious metals tomorrow. However this time they must be careful as gold has now gone into backwardation for the first three months and the 6 month out GOFO is very close to backwardation. It means that owners of gold do not wish to sell their physical today and buy a futures contract, even though they would obtain a sure profit for fear that in the future they are frightened that they would not get their metal back. It also means that London good delivery bars are scarce." The boys did not disappoint me as gold was raided along with silver....

Apr 16 Silver Bully Boys and Their Kept Slaves! Charles Savoie
Silver miners---gold miners also---should become so profitable as to be monetary agencies in their own right. The President and Congress must not be allowed to place any Federal price cap on precious metals, nor any windfall profits tax, nor impose any takeover of mineral properties to be consolidated by appeal to “national emergency” into a Federal Mining Agency. The State of Nevada is owned something like 86% by the Federal government. No States outside the West are under any such New York megabanker domination, hiding back of the Federal government! This too must be rescinded along with the precious metals price manipulation....


Apr 16 A Change in My Perspective Bill Holter
I never really knew just how small that total U.S. silver production really was. Yes, I “knew” but I didn’t really know until I got to see this one single stack of silver with my own eyes for a perspective. Yes it looked like a lot of silver but I could have in the past seen this pile and believed it to be the production from just one company. Once I realized that this pile of metal (x3) was equal to total annual U.S. production…and put a dollar figure on it…now I really get it. There is not that much silver around and from a “dollar” standpoint…it is foolish and CHEAP when compared to the paper outstanding and continually being created!

Apr 16 Paul Craig Roberts Warns U.S. Now Close To Total Collapse KingWorldNews
The West may not be in a position to prevent an explosion in the gold price if Russia and other countries drop out of the SWIFT system. The Russian energy transactions are a trillion dollars or more (each year). Well, that’s equal to the amount of QE that was injected into the system annually. So the elimination of that demand for dollars in international transactions would offset a year of QE. All of this means that I think the time for a reckoning for the U.S. dollar may finally be coming. So Goldman Sachs, the Fed, and the other bullion banks, are doing whatever they can to stave this off. But if there is a run on the dollar, the gold price will explode, particularly if there is not any gold to speak of in the West...

Apr 16 Silver, Gold, and What Could Go Wrong GE Christenson
Richard Russell thinks the stock market is currently dangerous and that silver and gold are safe. He understands that gold and silver are eternal wealth with NO counter-party risk. What is counter-party risk? It is the risk that paper wealth is not real, that debts will not be paid, that dollars, yen, and euros will decline in purchasing power, that your employer will declare bankruptcy and your pension will be cut in half, that your brokerage account will be hypothecated by management, that your bank will declare bankruptcy and your deposits in that bank are unsecured liabilities of the bank and may not be paid either timely or in full. In short, there is counter-party risk in almost everything....

Apr 16 Trading Range or Stock Correction Remain Most Plausible Scenarios Chris Ciovacco
Apr 16 Gold & Silver Smashed As Incredible Events Unfold In Europe KingWorldNews
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