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Jul 27 Cryptocurerncy Devaluation And The Russian-Chinese Golden Bond Hall/Kranzler
We are going to have a digital currency and I believe that it is going to be unleashed upon the land in 2018 – 2019 at the very outside. When was the last time there was a centralized currency system that allowed for competition? Doesn’t the U.S., and most all nations around the world, operate with a centralized currency system? What is going to make tomorrow so different that the people who’s power and control originate from owning the currency will suddenly accept a competing currency? Gold and silver have stood the test of thousands of years of not only being money, but keeping governments in check with their spending. The most prosperous times in global history have been when nations were on some form of a gold standard. There might be a correlation...

Jul 27 Reconciling US $ Outlook with Super Bullish Gold and Silver COTS Clive Maund
Because the dollar has such an important bearing on everything, especially the Precious Metals, it is timely for us to take a close look at it here after its recent steep drop, for as some of you may have seen, a number of indicators pertaining to the dollar suggest that, possibly after some further downside it is likely to bounce, or at least take a rest in a sideways range for a while, before the decline perhaps resumes in earnest. We’ll start by looking at a couple of these indicators. The latest US dollar Hedgers chart, which is a form of COT chart, is certainly starting to look bullish, and until these positions ease somewhat, further significant downside for the dollar in the short-term looks unlikely...

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Jul 27 3 charts, 3 forecasts, in 7 fast minutes EWI
See just how much you can learn from three simple charts.

Jul 27 The Economic Collapse Began Long Ago Gerold
We are in an economic depression. It was predicted in Strauss and Howe’s 1997 book “The Fourth Turning” [Link] that occurs every four generations as a time of great turmoil. Their Generational Theory is a framework which explains where we are, how we got here and where we’re going. For more details see ‘Notes” at end. This is a ‘Stealth Depression.’ The government is doing its utmost to hide it with fake statistics. Their ass media handmaidens are carrying their water telling us everything is wonderful. And, if my Godson believes the ass media, he deserves his fate. At the bottom of this deception are fake inflation (CPI) statistics. They distort everything else because...

Jul 27 The Answer To The Most Frequently Asked Question Andrew Hoffman
...even as America’s economy weakened further; whilst interest rates, commodities, and the dollar declined; and not a single campaign promise was met – from the “repeal and replace” of Obamacare; to higher fiscal spending; and lower taxes, regulations, and military entanglements; Precious Metal prices have been held down, whilst stocks were literally never allowed to decline.  To the point that, not only are we experiencing “dotcom valuations in a Great Depression Era,” but record-low stock and bond volatility; as highlighted by the unfathomably ridiculous fact that we are amidst the fourth longest period without a 5% S&P 500 stock decline in nearly a century...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Jul 26 The Co-Existence Of “Scarcity Assets” Andrew Hoffman
In the big picture, only a few billion ounces of physical silver are readily investable – at today’s prices, valued at a piddling $30-$40 billion; whilst the amount of investable gold, when considering how little of today’s rapidly declining production is actually available-for-sale, is unlikely to be more than a few hundred billion dollars’ worth.  This, in a world where, in just the past year alone, one Central bank – the ECB – printed $1.3 trillion out of thin air; with the promise of another $400 billion by year-end, and “whatever it takes” thereafter, to halt the “deflation” that will only worsen with each passing day...

Jul 26 Violent Moves in the Silver Market Rory Hall
Today would be a great day to watch the charts and see how this thing plays out. My guess is, the cartel is going to push the metals down a little today but, with any luck, we should get back on track to the upside on Wednesday. The really bad news is the cartel has unlimited clicks on a computer and have the ability to throw as many contracts as necessary to achieve their goal. The other side of the trade, the hedge funds and others, are dealing with real funds and have a limited amount. This will be the deciding factor. If the cartel wants or needs to push the “market” down they will simply push the “play button” until the other side of the trade is completely washed out. That’s how they roll...


Jul 26 More Commitment of Traders Perspective Craig Hemke
So what does this mean? Well it certainly appears that chances are high we see some significant rallies from here. As important technical indicators such as moving averages get bullishly crossed, these massive Large Spec short positions are ripe for a squeeze. Shorts get covered (that's one buy) and then a long may be established, too (that's a second buy). All of this buying pressure will drive prices higher in the weeks ahead and this coincidentally falls right into line with our forecast of a failing 2017 narrative (GAN2017) and 2017 metal price highs in Q4...

Jul 26 Last Week’s Rally in Gold Stocks Erased Przemyslaw Radomski
So, it seems that in all comparable cases, huge declines followed the low-volume rallies in mining stocks – will this time be any different? It doesn’t seem likely. The efficiency of this signal alone is something that makes the outlook very bearish for the following weeks. Summing up, the implications of the (lack of) action in mining stocks in the previous days and their decline yesterday are bearish. In fact, yesterday’s decline theoretically shouldn’t have taken place as no decline was seen either in either gold or the main stock indices. Yet, it was seen and it serves as a strong bearish confirmation of multiple other medium-term bearish signals that we’ve been discussing in our alerts. The medium-term outlook remains bearish and any strength here – if we see it at all – is likely to be only temporary...

Jul 25 Zero Times Anything Is Still ZERO! Bill Holter
Jul 25 Existing Home Sales Tank This Summer: Fact vs Fiction Dave Kranzler
Jul 24 Silver Green Alert - One of the Best Buying Opportunities for Years Clive Maund
Jul 24 Silver: Moving Higher From Here Rory Hall
Jul 24 Technical Scoop - Weekend Update July 23 David Chapman
Jul 24 We May Have Already Seen The All-In Signal To Buy Gold KWN
Jul 24 Preparing for THE Bottom: Part 4 – Gold Stocks and Bonds Przemyslaw Radomski
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