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Oct 1 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed down $7.00 at $1210.50 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was down 52 cents at $17.00. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1208.00; silver: $16.97. GLD: we lost 2.39 tonnes of gold inventory at the GLD (inventory now at 769.86 tonnes). SLV: as of 6 pm est no change in silver inventory at the SLV. It looks like the bankers cannot raid the SLV for physical silver because there is none...just paper silver - (inventory now 346.011 million oz)....

Oct 1 It’s No Laughing Matter Bill Holter
I wrote yesterday about how the public has become “comfortably numb,” a break in derivatives will change ALL of this. The banks have bet their assets at least 30 times and their capital 100′s of times over …and with it “your” savings. The pyramid will come down and when it does you have to ask yourself “what will have value?” The answer of course is and always has been “money.” Gold and silver have been real “money” for thousands of years, paper monies which have been “legislated” into having value will be broken as badly as the derivatives, the banks and most all markets....


Oct 1 Europe: The ONE Economic Comparison That Must Not Be Named... Was Just Named
EWI: The Continent is now teetering on the edge of a "Japan-style" deflation. Here's our take on it. The economic scenario that must not be named -- "Japan-style Deflation" has been uttered in reference to Europe. From the very beginning, Elliott Wave International foresaw that this day would come, despite the efforts of central banks. Read more....

Oct 1 Why China thinks gold is the buy of the century Michael J. Kosares
In my view China would swap its foreign exchange reserves for the world's gold supply in a heartbeat. It is a willing buyer perhaps without equal. Jeff Clark, senior precious metals analyst at Casey Research, puts it this way: “[T]he Chinese think differently about gold. They view gold in the context of its role throughout history and dismiss the Western economist who arrogantly declares it an outdated relic. They buy in preparation for a new monetary order–not as a trade they hope earns them a profit.” Private investors might take note....

Oct 1 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack

Oct 1 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack


Oct 1 2014 Election Business as Usual SARTRE
Thus far this election cycle has been a dud. Hardly a sweat is broken in the rarified air of partisan politics punditry. The only consistent factor that can always be counted upon to amuse is the reams of paper wasted on the false promises and prevarication made by the esteemed party regulars. It is easy to simply blame the entrenched incumbents or the current crop of insurgents, but it goes much deeper when an entire nation remains mute in the face of the worse run and most condemnable conduct, coming out of the District of Criminals in decades. The party in power traditionally will suffer huge losses in Congress, while the gang of “pols” out of power will start contacting real estate agents within the beltway....

Oct 1 A Historic Bottom Being Made In Gold & Silver & $10,000 Gold KingWorldNews
If we look at Russia, the ruble is very, very cheap. And while this is happening the Russians and the Chinese keep buying more and more gold. So we are just in a waiting period. It’s always the case when you are at a major bottom that people just cannot see a market stopping its decline. That is the psychology of a market bottom. This is exactly where we are in the gold and silver markets. So I don’t think there is much more downside left at this point. We are still probably not quite there yet but we are getting so close. So this is where investors have to be buying gold and silver. This is the surest bet you can make in any of the markets....

Oct 1 Guideposts For An Indecisive Stock Market Chris Ciovacco
As noted in this week’s video, the broader equity market is showing some “pay attention” signals, along with deteriorating market breadth. On the bullish side of the ledger, the longer-term charts still look good and we know an open mind is required when the S&P 500 is hovering near a flat 50-day moving average (as it is now). Therefore, drawing lines in the sand can help us balance the need to be patient with the need to protect capital in the event of ongoing weakness. In the short-term, if Monday’s lows are taken out, it increases the odds of additional weakness in stocks...


Sep 30 The Gold Price Remains Oversold Franklin Sanders
The GOLD PRICE added $3.40 today to close Comex, where the black shirts on the floor take no prisoners, at $1,217.50. Silver backed off 3.6 cents to $17.516. Both silver and GOLD PRICES left behind sideways trails today. Well, why don't they break down worse? Silver broke that triple bottom line around $18.60, waterfalled, but now has stopped. The gold price broke its uptrend line from the December 2013 bottom, but has only eased down through September a maximum of $65 at its lowest so far. End of the world seems a long time coming....

Sep 30 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed up $3.40 at $1217.50 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was up 4 cents at $17.52. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1215.00; silver: $17.49. GLD: we lost 1.20 tonnes of gold inventory at the GLD (inventory now at 772.25 tonnes). SLV: very late Friday night we had another addition of 767,000 oz in silver inventory - (inventory now 346.011 million oz).

Sep 30 An Epic Optimism that Can Be Reversed Only by a Huge Bear Market EWI
Recent weeks brought the biggest confrontation with Moscow since the Cold War, a race riot, a new low in the popularity of President Obama and grisly beheadings at the hands of religious terrorists amidst a major re-escalation of the war in Iraq. If this sounds a lot like 1968, when Russia invaded Czechoslovakia, President Johnson bowed out of the presidential race as his popularity plummeted and the Vietnam war took a decisive turn for the worst, there's a perfectly logical Wave Principle basis for it; both periods contain the end of high degree B-wave rallies. This week there was also a cyber attack on major banks and a report of the lowest summer box office in 30 years. Read more...


Sep 30 The United States: Police State Today, Martial Law Tomorrow; Part II Jeff Nielson
When will the American people have their human/Constitutional rights restored, meaning when will the Fourth Reich revert back to the free democracy previously known as “the United States of America”? When the War on Terror is over. When will the War on Terror end, given that it is the Fourth Reich itself which manufactures most/all of the “terrorism” and “terrorists”? Never. However, while the fascist infrastructure and pseudo-laws of this police state are designed to last forever, the economy which provides the financial support for the Fourth Reich is already rotten-to-the-core. The only thing which has delayed a Soviet Union-style economic implosion to this date is financial fraud and....

Sep 30 “Un” Comfortably Numb Bill Holter
I normally don’t often write about so many different topics at once, rather I prefer to pick one or maybe two and dig deeply into them. My effort with this piece is to show how nothing much today elevates to the category of “shocking.” The American public is comfortably numb no matter what the topic, how corrupt or grotesque …we simply sleep on. It could be argued the population is “un” comfortably numb because they know something is wrong but not exactly what it is. Digging for the truth and actually thinking for oneself is now above and beyond the daily call of duty. Unfortunately I can only envision our being awakened coming from an external force so “in your face” it cannot be ignored....

Sep 30 Truth, Consequences, and Confiscations Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
I think it's normal to have doubts - especially in rigged markets like this. Stockholm Syndrome creeps in and we begin questioning everything. Commenting on these markets over the last decade, I often wonder how long they can keep it all together. The entire house of cards has stood up much longer than anyone has expected. The next wave of investors will likely go through the almost reflexive reach for derivatives first. New investors, or would be long term holders, simply have an aversion and are well versed in the worlds of ETFs. Overall, I think we have to keep in mind that each and every move for the time being occurs by the will of those who control it....


Sep 30 Key Week For Bull/Bear Battle Chris Ciovacco
Our market model called for a reduction in our equity exposure last week based on evidence of waning economic and market confidence. As shown in the two weekly snapshots of the S&P 500 below, the market’s indecisiveness is starting to impact the intermediate-term trend in a negative manner. Since the look of a weekly chart is much more important at the end of the week, the bulls do have some time to repair the damage. Therefore, we will continue to hold a mix of stocks (SPY), leading sectors (XLV), bonds (TLT), and an offsetting position in cash until the evidence improves....

Sep 30 John Embry - Silver Is The Cheapest Asset In The World Today KingWorldNews
The action in silver is becoming more and more bizarre with each passing day. Silver is the cheapest asset in the world today. Silver was hit hard once again shortly after the opening of trading in the access market. Silver fell about 25 cents, or 1.5 percent, in the quiet trading period. The silver market has continually been experiencing these brutal attacks to the downside. The statistic that is mind-boggling is that in the quiet access market, at the opening, silver has fallen 106 out of the last 110 trading days. And it’s probably traded down at the opening in the last 60 straight trading days. That’s an algorithm being employed to knock it down in order to set the tone for trading in the silver market....

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New Era of 'Permanent Investigations' Confirms Imminent Reversal EWI
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