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June 23 I Can’t Believe I’m Seeing This Error Again! AARGH!! Charles Savoie
And that is, chiefly, this wildly erroneous notion that Uncle Sam never took silver from the American public! I wish it had never happened, but it does no good to claim otherwise. The public record in over a hundred USA newspapers is completely against you if you think this never transpired! The Congressional Record is against you! The “Bible” of financial historians, The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, is against you! I was so disappointed to hear some wildly bizarre errors stated as fact...

June 23 A Rigged Game Ted Butler
The main means by which the four big COMEX silver shorts have been able to amass a perfect trading record is because they have been granted unwritten but undeniable de facto permission from the CFTC and the CME Group to sell short as many silver contracts as necessary to satisfy as much buying demand that may arise. This can be seen in the growth over the years in the size of the concentrated short position in COMEX silver. On April 18, the concentrated short position of the 4 largest shorts hit an all-time record of 79,338 contracts, the equivalent of more than 396 million oz – that’s about 100 million oz net short per trader. If you are looking for a reason why silver prices were capped at $18.50, look no further...

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June 22 Anti-Gold Propaganda Flares Up Dave Kranzler
Predictably, after the gold price has been pushed down in the paper market by the western Central Banks – primarily the Federal Reserve – negative propaganda to outright fake news proliferates. The latest smear-job comes from London-based Capital Economics by way of Some “analyst” – Simona Gambarini – with the job title, “commodity economist,” reports that “gold’s luck has run out” with the 25 basis point nudge in rates by the Fed. She further explains that her predicted two more rate hikes will cause even more money to leave the gold market. Hmmm…if Ms. Gambarini were a true economist, she would have conducted enough thorough research of interest rates to know that every cycle in which the Fed raises the Funds rate is accompanied by a rise in the price of gold...

June 22 RUSSIA vs. USA: Where’s The Gold Going? SRSrocco
As the United States continues to push towards a military conflict with Russia, there will likely be no real winner when the dust settles. However, if we compare the these two superpowers in the current “gold market”, the Russians are the clear winners. While the U.S. has been (secretly) liquidating its once massive official gold holdings, the Russians have be doing quite the opposite. According to the data on, the Russians have added a hefty 3,000,000 oz of gold to its official reserves since the beginning of the year. If you haven’t checked out Smaulgld’s site, I highly recommend it...

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How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

June 22 Valuation Anomalies Suggest Historic Precious Metal Lows Andrew Hoffman
Today’s principal message is extremely poignant, for those seeking to not only protect and insure themselves, but profit from historical anomalies that in my view, signal that not only are Precious Metal valuations as low as at any time in modern financial history, but sentiment; and consequently, the investment logic that few people possess – which, when properly utilized, has the potential to make or break fortunes. But before I get to it, a word from the Miles Franklin Blog’s eternal sponsor, PiMBEEB; i.e, the Precious-Metal-bullish, everything-else-bearish headlines from the past 24 hours – for those seeking ongoing empowerment, that their decision to invest in “unconventional” assets (at least, here in North America) like the “barbaric relics” gold and silver was right one…

June 22 Gold: A Zero-Risk Monetary Asset Nick Barisheff
Gold is becoming more and more acceptable to the banking sector, but strong anti-gold indoctrination that took place in the 1980s and 1990s still exists, especially in North America. The election of a gold bug as president of the United States could accelerate the change of this anti-gold bias. As of 2017 gold still represents a fraction of global financial assets. Gold as percentage of global financial assets in the 1960s was ten times that of 2015...


June 21 The Housing Market Bubble Is Popping Dave Kranzler
New home sales were down last month, according to the Census Bureau, 11.3% and missed Wall Street’s soothsayer estimates by a rural mile. Strange, that report, given that new homebuilder sentiment is bubbling along a record highs. Existing home sales were down 2.3%. You’ll note that the numbers reported by the Census Bureau and NAR are “SAAR” – seasonally adjusted annualized rates. There is considerable room for data manipulation and regression model bias when a monthly data sample is “seasonally adjusted/manipulated” and then annualized. You’ll also note that mortgage rates have dropped considerably from their December highs and May is one of the seasonally strongest months for home sales...

June 21 My Newest “Most Likely To Catalyze The Big One” Andrew Hoffman
For the past year-and-a-half, since oil “bottomed” at $27/bbl, NO ONE in the financial media – mainstream or alternative – has more vocally criticized the blatant attempts to support prices amidst history’s largest crude oil glut.  A glut, I might add, that is not the slightest bit improved after six months of “production cuts” – and arguably, much worse; as not only did OPEC production hit a post- “production cut” high last month; whilst “exempt” members like Iran, Nigeria, and Libya ramped up production; but non-OPEC supply has surged – particularly in the U.S.; as the big pink elephant in the room, demand, has declined, with the likelihood of falling further in the coming months, as the world plunges into what will, in hindsight, be considered the “Greatest Depression.”...

June 21 Another Step Toward Devastating War Paul Craig Roberts
Washington’s pretense that Washington is fighting ISIS, rather than supporting it, is the excuse for Washington’s illegal presence in the Syrian conflict. Russia and Iran are in Syria legally, invited there by an elected government. The Americans are there uninvited as war criminals. Under international law established by the Americans themselves, it is a war crime to initiate aggression against a country that has not raised a fist against you. So, to be in Syria, Washington has to pretend to be “fighting terrorism” rather than supporting it. The lie has been given to this claim many times, but now that an American pilot has proven that the US is in Syria to support its agent, ISIS, not even a Megyn Kelly presstitute can honestly claim to believe that Washington is fighting ISIS...

June 20 Democracy Is A Front For Central Bank Rule Paul Craig Roberts
June 20 The Most PiMBEEB Transaction Of All-Time Andrew Hoffman
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