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Oct 23 LBMA to Stop Publishing GOFO Rates! Harvey Organ
Gold: 1244.80 down $6.20. Silver: 17.18 down 18 cents. In the access market 5:15 pm: Gold $1241.00; silver $17.16. The gold comex again today had another good noticy day registering 154 notices served. Today we had no withdrawals of gold from the comex vaults. A few months ago the comex had 303 tonnes of total gold. Today the total inventory rests at 276 for a loss of 27 tonnes. In silver, the open interest continues to remain high at 170,192 contracts. To boot, the December silver OI remains extremely high at 118,707....

Oct 23 Benefit Of The Doubt Bill Holter
The “problem” as I have said all along is one of solvency rather than liquidity. This I believe will be understood whenever the next QE is announced. The “solvency” I am talking about here is that of the Fed and the U.S. which is why the “safety” of the dollar will be shunned on the next go round. I wrote years ago that “all roads will lead to gold and silver.” This is as true today as when I first wrote it back in 2008 …with the exception the “road” is now much much shorter!. The road is shorter because every “tool” in Ben Bernanke’s (now Yellen’s) toolbox has already been taken out and used …to no avail....


Oct 23 Why Emotional Discipline is Key to Success Elliott Wave International
If you are serious about trading, Elliott Wave International's (EWI) Jeffrey Kennedy has some advice for you: learn emotional discipline. In this article from his Trader's Classroom Collection, he shares some expensive lessons he learned during his 20+ years trading the markets. Read more.

Oct 23 Banks Hold Treasuries and Make Loans James Hall
Hype that loan demands have returned in earnest is overstated. Coming off such a low level, any modest increase looks bigger than it really is. That revered business cycle, simply is no longer the same. So what happens in the catch-22 scenario when banks are adjusting to different capital requirements and Treasuries drop in price with a rise in interest rates? That’s the 64 trillion dollar question....

Oct 23 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack


Oct 23 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors  Bill Matlack

Oct 23 Is The Fed Altering Asset Prices? Chris Ciovacco
When you are new to the markets and begin to understand what the Fed can do (print money, buy assets, inject new funds into the financial system, etc.), there is a certain shock value along the lines of “do people understand what is going on here?” While the concept of central banking is odd in the context of free markets, central banks have been impacting, altering, skewing, goosing, and/or propping up asset prices long before most of us were born and they will most likely be doing so long after we are dead....

Oct 23 Terrifying Chart Predicts Gold Spike & Meltdown For Markets KingWorldNews
This chart has not failed one single time since 1913. This is the story of what the Federal Reserve and our government have done to the markets in the United States of America. You can see that in 1913 we begin four major waves and we are now in Wave IV. That dotted collapse you see in the upper right hand side of the chart is the beginning of the disastrous collapse we are about to witness....

Oct 22 China is Ready to Pounce! Harvey Organ
Gold: 1251.00 up $7.00; Silver: 17.50 up 20 cents. In the access market 5:15 pm: Gold $1249.00; silver $17.52. The gold comex again today had 220 notices served. Again we had large withdrawals of gold from the comex vaults. A few months ago we had 303 tonnes of total gold at the comex. Today the total inventory rests at 276 for a loss of 27 tonnes. In silver, the open interest continues to remain high at 170,155 contracts. To boot, the December silver OI remains extremely high at 119,103....

Oct 22 The Fed “IS” the Problem! Bill Holter
As I wrote yesterday, markets have become schizophrenic and volatility has exploded. It is obvious the uncertainty regarding “QE” (monetization) is at the heart of this renewed volatility. I do want to mention and remind you of past crashes and vicious bear markets, they ALL have seen big volatility (in both directions) prior to the collapse. 1929, 1987, 2000, 2008 …they all experienced big swings in the market prior to the big declines, this is what I believe we are experiencing now. Before getting to my topic “the Fed IS the problem,” I want to remind you how we have gotten here....


Oct 22 Don't Get Ruined by These 10 Popular Investment Myths (Part VII) EWI
Interest rates, oil prices, earnings, GDP, wars, peace, terrorism, inflation, monetary policy, etc. -- NONE have a reliable effect on the stock market. Most people would not argue that peace is bearish for stock prices. It would seem logical. But does peace in fact have anything to do with determining stock prices? These two charts give you the answer.
Read more.

Oct 22 Stocks: Is It Time To Get Back In? Chris Ciovacco
Does the economy appear to be on the cusp of a recession? With real gross domestic product (the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States) having increased at an annual rate of 4.6 percent in the second quarter of 2014, a recession does not appear imminent. How about earnings? Bloomberg estimates that profits for S&P 500 companies rose 5.9 percent in the third quarter – that is not bear market-like earnings growth. How about central bank policy? The Fed is likely to keep rates low, even after ending QE, and the ECB is currently adding, not reducing, stimulative measures....

Oct 22 Today Something Shocked The Establishment & The World KingWorldNews
...the Swiss central bank has also said they are holding gold abroad in order for the country to be able to easily sell it. Well, that’s nonsense. We all know that the Swiss central bank can sell the gold from a vault in Switzerland and ship it to wherever they sell it. But why are they even talking about selling any of it? They’ve already sold half of Switzerland’s gold at the lows of the market. Gold is not the Swiss central bank’s toy for them to play with. This gold belongs to the Swiss nation, and part of it belongs to the Swiss cantons. So the gold doesn’t belong to the Swiss National Bank -- it belongs to the people....


Oct 22 Dollar is The Weak Spot for US-Paul Craig Roberts Greg Hunter
Former Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says all U.S. financial policy revolves around propping up the dollar.  Dr. Roberts contends, “I’ve always said the whole system is rigged.  It’s a house of cards, and the weak spot is the dollar because they cannot print foreign currencies for which to buy dollars.  So, if there is a worldwide run on the dollar, they lose control then.  In the meantime, they have all these things they can do to counteract the direction of the markets, and I expect them to continue doing that.”...

Oct 22 Population Reduction through Vaccine Poisons SARTRE
Attitudes toward medical ailments and treatment vary widely, usually based upon the degree of trust in the type of health care practice that a patient believes to be the best healing method. The AMA is an advocacy association that promotes the validity of medical therapy heavily based upon manufactured designer drugs. The establishment corporatist scientists have a tendency to claim a corner on proof. However, they often expound on their accepted view using selective memory. Facts can stand in the way of implementing the master plan when the “so called” humanitarian benefits remain elusive or worse, detrimental....

Oct 21 Want to Know the REAL Reason Why the Stock Market Turned Down? EWI
Oct 21 The Gold Price Rose Back to $1,244 Up $5.70 on the Comex Franklin Sanders
Oct 21 HUGE Demand for Gold in China, India, & Russia! Harvey Organ
Oct 21 The Timing Is Curious Bill Holter
Oct 21 Stock Rally Faces Important Test Chris Ciovacco
Oct 21 Despite Struggle, Gold & Shares Coiled For Upside Explosion KingWorldNews
Oct 21 Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time? Paul Craig Roberts
Oct 20 Friday Market Review
Oct 20 Burn The Bonds; Pay The Pensions Jeff Nielson
Oct 20 Gold And Silver – Financial World: House Of Cards Built On Sand Edge Trader Plus
Oct 20 Stock Market Seven Year Cycle & A Correction Ahead? Michael Kilbach
Oct 20 Why worry about bullion silver? Jim Otis
Oct 20 How to Invest in a Difficult Market Casey Research
Oct 20 The Countdown to Truth Dr. Jeffrey Lewis



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