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Apr 24 The Gold Price Added $3.60 Franklin Sanders
Ranges today were tiny, the GOLD PRICE range was $8.70 and the SILVER PRICE range was 17 cents, but their gains bring little comfort. The overlapping trading simply doesn't depict a rally, but correction without much conviction or direction. I'm still guessing that the downside risk for the gold price probably isn't more than $14 from here. Silver on 15 April made a low at 1922c, and another on 21 April at 1923c. That might have fulfilled the downside thrust, but we might still witness a V-move to 1900c. In any event, all that is my anticipating, since neither market has yet flashed a signal it is turning up. Be patient here, but don't go to sleep....

Apr 24 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed up $3.60 at $1284.20 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was up 8 cents to $19.43. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1284.00; silver: $19.45. Gold and silver had a roller coaster day but ended up on a positive side of the ledger. However the spotlight has to go to the gold and silver equity shares which had a solid day. Agnico Eagle received an upgrade from RBC. Also Seeking alpha claims that Agnico Eagle and Yamana were the big winners in the bidding war over Osisko Mining. Their reasoning and correctly so, is that the Osisko properties are in favourable jurisdictions (mainly Canada) and the threat of confiscation by governments is non existent....

Apr 24 The Secret Silver Stockpile, Part I Jeff Nielson
In the realm of “bullion trading” (i.e. gold and silver fraud); we also have the testimony of (ex?) Goldman Sachs Stooge, Jeffrey Christian to guide us. It was “100-to-1” Christian who first blurted out (at a CFTC hearing) that the various forms of paper-fraud committed by the bankers in the gold market exceeded the actual amount of gold being traded by a dollar value of 100:1. In the silver market; we have various reasons for believing that the crisis faced by the banksters in terms of evaporating inventories (and stockpiles) is even more severe/desperate than in the gold market, and thus the level of fraud is likely at least as high, if not higher. The starting point in such suspicions is a now-infamous chart on (supposed) “silver inventories” which the One Bank probably wishes its minions had never created....

Apr 24 A Little Bit of Math Never Hurt Anyone Bill Holter
OK, I’m sorry for being the one to do the math and tell you the truth but the gold that is being bought…has to come from somewhere. “Somewhere” as in “where” there is actually gold because it can’t just be conjured up out of thin air. And yes, “unfortunately” much of the world’s gold is held at the NY Fed as “custodian.” I ask you this, “if” gold does not exist elsewhere that can be delivered in the amounts that are currently being demanded…then where o’ where could it have come from? This is not “crazy stuff” or conspiratorial thinking; it is merely a process of elimination....

Apr 24 Meltdown America – Are You Prepared For the Coming Collapse? Casey Research
“I think we are in the early stages of the end of the West,” says Jeff Opdyke of The Sovereign Investor in an eye-opening new documentary from Casey Research called, “Meltdown America.” This free, 28-minute video gives you a sober look at the coming collapse of the United States, the most indebted nation in the history of the world. You'll see why stock market crashes, rampant unemployment, and widespread poverty are only the beginning. Your comfortable way of life could be taken from you in an instant. Here’s a sneak peek of what awaits...

Apr 24 Repeal of Glass-Steagall and the Too Big To Fail Culture James Hall
During the 1990’s the conventional economic wisdom supported the repeal of Glass-Steagall. However, "10 years later, the end of Glass-Steagall has been blamed by some for many of the problems that led to last fall’s (2008) financial crisis. While the majority of problems that occurred centered mostly on the pure-play investment banks like Lehman Brothers, the huge banks born out of the revocation of Glass-Steagall, especially Citigroup, and the insurance companies that were allowed to deal in securities, like the American International Group, would not have run into trouble had the law still been in place." This assessment by Cyrus Sanati, also seems to be the typical perception, now that the anemic rescue of the economy struggles to claw back to pre 2008 levels....


Apr 24 Investors Must Know How We Got Here And Where We Are Going Chris Ciovacco
What happens if asset prices rise for another three years? If that sounds insane, keep in mind many were shocked the housing bubble remained intact as prices continued to rise into 2006. You may counter with “there is no way stocks can rise for three more years given their already stretched valuations.” Using valuations as a market timing mechanism is questionable at best. For example, stock valuations were already stretched in the 1990s and talk of bubbles was common (sound familiar?)....

Apr 24 Turk - Western Central Banks To Run Out Of Gold This Year KingWorldNews
What’s going on in the gold market is just unbelievable, Eric. It’s really never happened before. We’ve had this prolonged backwardation starting in the middle of last year when the lows in gold and silver were reached. And by the way, those lows in gold and silver have not been broken. We are now nine months into a base-building pattern, which is ultimately very bullish. But this backwardation in gold is just going on and on and on. You have to ask yourself, ‘Why is it doing this?’ There is only one logical answer: It’s not that this is some kind of ‘new normal.’ It’s an aberration that’s occurring because of intervention by central planners to keep the gold price from rising....


Apr 23 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed down $7.40 at $1280.40 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was up 1 cents to $19.35. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1284.00; silver: $19.40. Today is Tuesday and many have noticed that this is the signal to pump up the Dow and whack gold and silver. And today the bankers orchestrated another tiny raid on our two precious metals. No question about it, our entire markets have been usurped by our bankers. Today, the open interest on silver remained in the 160,000 region despite a huge drop in the price of silver yesterday coupled with high volumes on the comex. The contracts on the comex are certainly in strong hands as no matter what happens the OI remains high....

Apr 23 Could This Really Happen? Yes But, “Not Here Syndrome.” Bill Holter
I wanted to point this 36 hour period out to you to get you to think to yourself “what if this was to occur in the U.S.?” Or better yet, what would happen if there was a 36 hour period where no one “offered” gold or silver? Would the metals markets open up at the same prices? Would all of a sudden massive tonnage show up for sale? Or would there be huge bids? Bids that otherwise would not have been made except for the fact that humans always want something that they cannot have? The Japanese 36 hour window is nothing more than the reverse of Reg Howe’s “go to bed with $1,500 gold and wake up with $4,000 bid…none offered.”...

Apr 23 What Will December 31, 2014 Financial Headlines Look Like? EWI
Be aware that the Wave Principle has now identified what appears to be a history making market juncture.
If stock market prices unfold in the way that we expect, the financial headlines at the end of 2014 will look a lot different than last year. Read more.


Apr 23 ETF Trading Newsletter: Nasdaq Shorting Opportunity Chris Vermeulen
It looks as though the Nasdaq is about ready for another leg lower. Watch these key resistance levels for a short trade this week....

Apr 23 Puerto Rico Is the Only Way to Escape US Taxes Nick Giambruno
When I hear about strategies that purport to legally allow US citizens to avoid having to pay income taxes, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that it is some sort of cockamamie scheme. This is because the US government is no slouch when it comes to shaking down its citizens for every penny. The mind-boggling spending on welfare and warfare policies necessitates this. It would be dangerously foolish in the extreme to think you could slip one past them. There really was no sure way to legally escape the suffocating grip of US taxes besides death and renouncing your US citizenship… until recently....

Apr 23 Do Not Let The Next Downturn Leave You Penniless Dennis Miller
Doug Casey is emphatic that a downturn will affect us all. When it comes, we want to minimize the damage. That’s particularly challenging for baby boomers and seniors who may be at, or past, the end of their careers. In the past I’ve shared some experiences from speakers who had real world experience with hyperinflation. It is not pretty. They were quite candid that many previously wealthy seniors and savers ended up penniless before things got under control. That’s the ultimate catastrophic loss. So how can you test your safety through diversification? Start by posing a series of hypotheticals...


Apr 23 Silver Up & S&P Down GE Christenson
In the short term, markets can be moved rather easily by large traders and influential forces such as central banks. But, in a longer perspective, the ratio of silver to the S&P is at a low, the actual S&P 500 Index is near an all-time high, and the RSI timing indicator for the ratio was at a 25 year low in December. The next major move is much more likely to be a rise in silver prices and a fall in the S&P. That major move might be many weeks away, but it seems both inevitable and imminent....

Apr 23 “Axis Of Power” As Countries Move To Link Currencies To Gold KingWorldNews
As the West prints more fiat money and the flow of gold continues from West to East, it’s just a matter of time before the axis of power I have mentioned -- Germany, China, and Russia -- grows stronger. These are the economies of the future. A lot of the world’s economy is going to revolved around this axis of power. So you will see Russia, Germany, and China as one power, and the United States as the other. The problem is that the United States will be running a distant second unless we wake up....

Apr 22 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed down $5.40 at $1288.00 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was down 25 cents to $19.34. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1290.00; silver: $19.45. Today the crooks took advantage that the major physical market in gold and silver was closed. We also had a three day weekend and generally the crooks like the whack on events like these...

Use Algorithmic Trading to Grow Your Portfolio & Income

Apr 22 Unfortunately He Is Correct Bill Holter
We have strayed very very far from following the Constitution over the last 20-25 years and it seems to me like we are close to a breaking point. Yes a good percentage of the country is either asleep (something they put in the water or in the air via chemtrails?) or on the “dole,” but the other half remains. Will it be this incident or another one like it that sparks violence? I have no idea but those with traditional American values have been pushed and pushed and pushed to this point and now even “vilified,” there is as our President so keenly says, “A line in the sand”…somewhere out there.

Apr 22 A Crisis vs. THE Crisis: Keep Your Eye on the Ball Laurynas Vegys
Today I want to talk about crises. Two of the most notable ones that have been in the public eye over the course of the past 6-8 months are obviously the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. The two are very different, yet both seemed to cause rallies in the gold market. I say “seemed” because, while there were days when the headlines from either country sure looked to kick gold up a notch, there were also relevant and alarming reports from Argentina and emerging markets like China during many of the same time periods. Nevertheless, looking at the impressive gains during these periods, one has to wonder if it actually takes a calamity for gold to soar....

Apr 22 Christian-Zionists Problem - Khazar DNA SARTRE
The recent breakdown in the latest round of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is no surprise. The Jerusalem Post reports in the article, Kerry hints: Israel to blame for deadlocked peace process, “US Secretary of State John Kerry appeared to blame Israel on Tuesday for dissolving a deal that would have extended negotiations with the Palestinians for nine months”. Prospects for any lasting accommodation always fails because Christian-Zionist incessantly supports a rogue ruling elite, who assert a heretical claim of being “Chosen”, when their tribe stems from descendants, other than Abraham. Until this apostate doctrine is debunked and discarded, no peaceful political settlement is possible...

Apr 22 Gold Market Now Seeing Deepest Backwardation In 8 Months! KingWorldNews
Apr 22 Gold Price In Ukraine 75% Higher In 2014 Gold Silver Worlds
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