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Jan 18 Momentum Traders Shift To Gold And Silver Dave Kranzler
As the dollar falls below the 100 level on the dollar index, hedge fund algos will shift from buying dollars and selling paper gold to dumping dollars and piling back into paper gold. But that’s just for starters. The Modi cash removal initiative has failed to put the brakes on Indian gold imports and China and Russia continue to inhale vast quantities of physical gold. This will help infuse “substance” into the hedge fund-driven paper gold/silver trade. On today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth, we chat about the factors that will drive gold, silver and the mining stocks higher this year, possibly in a move that will be bigger and longer than the move in 2016...

Jan 18 Big Movement Ahead in the Silver Market SRSrocco
While many precious metals investors believe that market intervention and manipulation can continue indefinitely, we are already witnessing the collapse of International Reserves. Furthermore, if President-elect Trump is allowed to run the White House for a while, we are going to see serious financial dislocations due to trade wars and increased U.S. inflationary pressures. In addition, GFMS and the Silver Institute forecast continued net annual silver deficits for the next several years (at least) as global silver production declines while demand continues to be strong. This will be just more FUEL for the SILVER MARKET FIRE ahead...

Jan 18 Trump Takes The Final Currency War Thermonuclear... Andrew Hoffman
...when Trump “shocked the world” last night by claiming the dollar is “too strong”; and to boot, slamming the Republicans’ “border adjustment tax” proposal, in lieu of the hard-coated import tariffs he favors, he for all intents and purposes took the aforementioned “final currency war” thermonuclear; in the process, putting the gold Cartel on notice that his policies will unquestionably yield a dramatic surge in physical Precious Metal demand – particularly, here in America, where even the most die-hard, Keynesian-brainwashed investors will be forced to realize the dollar’s purchasing power is about to be significantly devalued...

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Jan 17 “Gold Is Money – And Nothing Else” Dave Kranzler/CrushTheStreet
Crush The Street’s Kenneth Ameduri invited to discuss why I believe the current stock market is the most overvalued in history. We also chatted about the movement by western Governments to a digital currency system and, of course, the precious metals market. It’s my view that the pullback in the precious metals sector that began in late July was over by the end of December. I also believe that there’s good probability that the next move in the sector will be more powerful than the 2016 move...

Jan 17 The Loose Cannon Versus The Wicked Witch Andrew Hoffman
...even when I started fervently supporting his candidacy – or better put, Hillary’s defeat – I vehemently espoused my belief that he was a loose cannon who could not care less what people think. And a billionaire to boot, with nothing to lose. To the point that his well-publicized list of enemies would likely grow exponentially as President – only this time, said enemies will be far more powerful, and dangerous to America, than Rosie O’Donnell and Megan Kelly. Not to mention, as discussed in my November 10th Audioblog, “turning on Trump,” I don’t believe any of his major campaign promises are politically or economically viable – although I’m quite confident that partisan or otherwise, Congress will figure a way to enact the very worst of them...

Jan 17 James Turk On Gold, Silver, & The Major Driving Force For The World In 2017 KWN
It is always good to see some follow through on prices, even on quiet days. And we got that today. Both gold and silver closed higher in Europe and above Friday’s New York closing price. From their lows in December before the holidays began, gold has risen $73, and silver is up $1. By any measure these gains are impressive, particularly when considering that the dollar has remained strong over this period. These recent gains in gold and silver look even better when viewed in terms of other national currencies that have been weak, like the British pound. But that may be changing...


Jan 16 Broad US Stockmarket Update as Inauguration Approaches Clive Maund
The election of Donald Trump sparked a rally in the broad stockmarket which has continued up to the present, and according to the laws of reverse (inverse) logic that rule the markets, his inauguration as President is likely to trigger a swoon, and as we will shortly see, there are other compelling technical reasons for the market to drop back soon, and it is worth noting that selling might start kicking in before the inauguration...

Jan 16 Are You Prepared For The Great Financial Enema? SRSrocco
I have to laugh at how much the gold inventories at the GLD ETF have declined in less than three months. Since October 20th, 2016, the GLD has shed 17% of its supposed gold holdings. No, I don’t care if the gold is really there. It’s probably not, but that isn’t the important thing to focus on now. It’s the sentiment. Moreover, even though the gold price has risen from a low of $1,130 on Dec 23rd, to $1,200 recently, GLD inventories continued to decline by another 628,000 oz. Regardless, the falling gold price and falling gold inventories at the GLD ETF suggest that the mainstream investor is cashing in their GOLD CHIPS for LEAD SLUGS to wager in the broader markets. Nothing like BRAIN DAMAGE gone wild in the good ole U.S. of A...

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Jan 16 Paper Currencies approaching their Real Value: ZERO Bill Holter/CrushTheSteet
Bill's back once again to expose the lies of mainstream economics, the significance of Trump's inauguration coming next week and its relationship with the mainstream media as well as recent events with CNN. He also gives his analysis on Europe's dire situation and how this could ripple effect through the rest of the world. Of course we also look at the precious metals and mining shares for 2017 and future of bitcoin with the recent price spike and crash...

Jan 16  Trend Transition Trade Tactics Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): Gold, Silver, & T-Bonds Key Charts & Tactics Video Analysis; Super Force Signals Key Charts & Tactics Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts & Tactics Video Analysis; SF Juniors Key Charts & Tactics Video Analysis...

Jan 13 There You Have It – Another 50%+ Winner! ActiveTradingPartners
Patience pays off for Active Trading Partners members with our December 16th Buy alert for NUGT. Over the past few months, NUGT has provided multiple opportunities for our members and generated consistent profits. This trade is no different. As of today, I’m issuing an update for all Active Trading Partner members. Take profits and lock in a protective stop. After a 50%+ increase in price, we need to take advantage of these quick profits and protect our position...

Jan 13 Gold! The Next Big Move Is Starting Dave Kranzler
Jan 13 Another Major Catalyst for Silver Is About to Surface Jeff Clark
Jan 12 Trump Dump Coming To The Stock Market Dave Kranzler
Jan 12 2.5%, Nuff Said? Andrew Hoffman
Jan 11 Market Intervention Crushed Profit Margins... SRSrocco
Jan 11 The 12:00 PM EST “Cap Of Last Resort” Andrew Hoffman
Jan 11 Obama Regime Moves To Federalize Elections Paul Craig Roberts
Jan 10 The U.S. Empire Would Have Collapsed Decades Ago... SRSrocco
Jan 10 Most Overvalued Stock Market In U.S. History – Here’s Why Dave Kranzler
Jan 10
Test Your Knowledge: Find the Clear Wave Pattern on this Chart EWI
Jan 10 Death Of The European Union-And The Precious Metal Demand Explosion Hoffman
Jan 9 How Bad Will The “Bond Massacre” Get? SRSrocco
Jan 9 Crisis, Dullards And Wake-up Call Jim Willie
Jan 9 "Sell those euros. Sell'em." EWI
Jan 9 Fake Economic News+Overvalued Stock =Recipe For Disaster Hemke/Kranzler
Jan 9  Gold's New Year Rally Accelerates Morris Hubbartt




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