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Apr 28 The Gold Price Punched Through it's 20 and 50 Day Moving Averages F. Sanders
Something's not right, and for a change it may be not right in our favor. The GOLD PRICE today rose $28.10 (2.4%) to end the day on Comex at $1,203.30. Silver rose 75.8 cents -- 4.85% -- to $16.394. More, this happened on options expiry day with a huge clot of $1,200 strike call options outstanding. One expects "Someone" to manipulate the price down on such days so that the options expire worthless -- maybe they did the manipulating last week & bought back the options positions? This is not how the game usually works. But standing back from the chart, putting your hand over the label & simply asking, "What's this market doing?" brings only one answer: reversing upward...

Apr 28 Gold really does matter in “polite company”! Bill Holter
Actor after actor has been paraded forth to tell the public. “gold is a useless and barbaric relic”. We are told daily “it doesn’t pay any interest, it costs money to store it, you can’t eat it and Walmart won’t take it. It’s pretty for jewelry but that’s about it”. I ask the questions, why then do central banks bother to hold gold? Why the secrecy of our own gold holdings? We are told that no audit can or will take place because it would cost too much? Why not sell a few of the “useless bars” to pay for the audit? The answers of course are all so obvious. Gold is badmouthed because it is the direct competitor of the U.S. dollar...


Apr 28 The Power of Context EWI
Since joining Elliott Wave International in 1993, the editor of our Trader's Classroom, Jeffrey Kennedy, has traveled to at least a dozen countries, teaching seminars to some of the best professional and individual traders. Through April 28, you have a free chance to learn Jeffrey's trading "tips and tricks" during our free Trader Education Week, an event for traders who want to improve. Every day through April 28, we are releasing Jeffrey's training videos, full of valuable insights...

Apr 28 Insanity Grips The Western World Paul Craig Roberts
Just as Karl Marx claimed that History had chosen the proletariat, neoconservatives claim that History has chosen America. Just as the Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber alles,” neoconservatives proclaim “America uber alles.” In September 2013 President Obama actually stood before the United Nations and declared, “I believe America is exceptional.” Germany’s political leaders and those in Great Britain, France, and throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan also believe that America is exceptional, which means better than they are. That’s why these countries are Washington’s vassals. They accept their inferiority to the Exceptional Country — the USA — and follow its leadership...

Apr 28 War of Terror is a Reichstag Fire False Flag Operation SARTRE
Never noted for a sophisticated perspective of their own history, especially when it comes to the clandestine deeds of their own government, most folks want to trust their leaders. Remember the Maine and the Gulf of Tonkin incident both were the impetus for tragic and unnecessary wars. The sedated public, eager to rally round the flag, is less inclined to recognize the bald face lies told to them from every internationalist administration that occupied the White House.Justification to continue an unwarranted war on terror is so absurd on its face....

Apr 28 A Tidal Wave Of Buying Overwhelms Gold And Silver Shorts KWN
Buyers of physical gold and silver are no longer talking about a Grexit, with Greece leaving the euro. Attention instead has turned to a Grefault – Greece defaults on its debts. The impact of a default will be earthshaking. Greece owes some €300 billion. I estimate that about €150 billion of that debt has been moved from private hands – mainly banks – to EU governments as the Greek crisis dragged on over the past couple of years. So instead of banks losing money, European taxpayers are going to be hit will a big loss as a result of a Grefault. That huge burden put on the back of taxpayers will send shockwaves throughout the EU...


Apr 28 2001 – A Gold Odyssey Michael J. Kosares
It seems we have come back to the place where we began. There are really only two kinds of people in the world when it comes to facing the potential for economic calamity, and I think most of us are aware of these psychological opposites. There are those who believe that the authorities are in full control of the situation and that all will end well, and then there are those, the more cautious among us, who hedge the opposite outcome. The first group will always hold the second with disdain, and the second will always see the first as lacking in common sense...

Apr 28 Rock-Paper-Silver Gary Christenson
I expect that prices will rally far higher and substantially exceed $30 and probably $50 by 2016 or 2017. Of course I have no proof, but as the world falls deeper into Twilight Zone craziness, war escalates, debt inevitably increases, and political stability deteriorates, the investment demand for silver will rise as confidence in fiat currencies declines. Much higher silver prices are all but guaranteed within several years....

Apr 28 Greece: A Logical Way To Monitor Risk To Your Investments Chris Ciovacco
Financial markets are always weighing pros and cons. Are there reasons to be concerned? Yes, there are always reasons to be concerned. However, as shown in this week’s stock market video, the weight of the evidence still aligns with the bullish case for global stocks...


Apr 27 Silver Squelchers Series Update Charles Savoie
Silver Squelchers # 11 was posted at various sites in early February. #12 Silver Squelchers was originally intended to be the conclusion of the series. In each presentation we reviewed information profiles on 15 members, with others included to pad that quota. As time to compose #12 approached I realized that covering 15 out of possibly 1,400 members in both the New York and London branches would be woefully inadequate...

Apr 27 Gold And Silver – The U S Is A Corporation. PMs Stand In The Way EdgeTraderPlus
Where have all the trillions of newly created “money” gone? Into the failed and bankrupt banking scam conducted by the elites. All world-wide monetary policy undertaken by the central banks has been for the sole purpose of protecting the failed banking financial structure, propping up the fiat currencies. Virtually none of the newly created “money” has ever left the banking system for loans to be used for productive means. Instead, it is being used to enslave other sovereign nations, breaking them financially, then taking control of each nation, one nation at a time. Think of Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, and now Greece most prominently in the Kabuki theater known as the elite-controlled Western press....

Apr 27 Why 2 of U.S. Dollar's Recent Bottoms Have 1 Thing In Common EWI
Imagine you're on an airplane, mid-air, when the intercom from the cockpit accidentally turns on. You and the entire cabin crew overhear the pilot say this to his copilot: "I know we're heading northeast at 430 mph. But... I have no idea when or where I'm supposed to land." That's when you cough up your bag of peanuts! Dramatic? Sure. Imaginary? Yes. But it also highlights the real limits of mainstream financial analysis, which has no trouble identifying the current trend in a financial market -- but has little idea as to when or where that trend will end. This is where the Wave Principle really can help you...


Apr 27 Impending Stock Market Top Gary Savage
As I have been expecting for almost a year now the Nasdaq has finally reached its all-time highs at 5100. That being said, the 5100 level is a huge resistance zone. It has held for 15 years. The bull is very mature at 6 years old, and without the benefit of further QE to continue driving it I really doubt we are going to get a sustained move above 5132. So I expect the stock market is going to top this year. I’m not expecting a sustained move above 5132 until stocks suffer a major multi-year cycle low. Something along the same lines as 2002 & 2009...

Apr 27 Negative Interest Rates: The Financial Black Hole Taki T
A black swan event is a metaphor for an enormous problem that develops underneath the surface and then suddenly puts the whole financial system at risk. The financial crisis of 2008 was a black swan event, for example, that slowly developed in the US real estate market where excess had ruled in the years before. Today, market conditions are ideal for a new black swan event to develop. An event like this takes people by surprise, because it matures under the radar in places where no one is looking. Today, for example, everyone is afraid of deflation. That means that everyone is also trying to prepare for deflation...

Apr 27 What Will Happen to You When the Dollar Collapses? Jeff Thomas
Historically, when a nation’s debt exceeds its ability to repay even the interest, it can be assumed that the currency will collapse. Typically, governments exacerbate the situation by printing large amounts of currency notes in an effort to inflate the problem away, or at least postpone it. The greater the level of debt, the more dramatic the inflation must be to counter it. The more dramatic the inflation, the greater the danger that hyperinflation will take place. No government has ever been able to control hyperinflation. If it occurs, it does so quickly and always ends with a crash....

Apr 27 Gold Range Trade: Investor Action Charts Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts - Gold Range Trade Video Analysis; Silver Range Trade Video Analysis; GDX Trend Line Pullback Video Analysis; GDXJ Ascending Triangle Video Analysis; Senior Gold Stocks Investor Action Video Analysis; Junior Gold Stocks Investor Action Video Analysis...

Apr 27 The Gold Price Closed $19.20 Lower on Comex at $1,175.20 Franklin Sanders
Can silver & gold prices fall further? Of course they can, just like stocks may rise further, but the limit is in sight. Gold has to trade below $1,165 to break the bowl rounding formation. Nobody likes a $19.20 drop, but it doesn't wreck the charts and call for vastly lower prices. That's the difference between April 2015 and April 2013. The SILVER PRICE dipped below that uptrend line from the December 2014 low -- not much, but below. I don't like that at all, and silver is tapping on the bottom of that bowl here. Possess your souls in patience! You have to pay a price for disbelieving a government lie, and there's never been a bigger lie hatched by any adder than central banking and fiat money. Reality is on our side....

Apr 27 Twilight Zone Economics - Part 2 Gary Christenson
Central Banks and bankers have a consistent record of creating currency from nothing and thereby assuring the devaluation of their unbacked paper currencies. Yet we trust them, listen to them, read their blogs, buy their self-serving books, feature their faces on magazines, Knight them, and spend hours worrying about whether the word “patient” will be used in the next propaganda piece from these central bankers. The western world has definitely fallen into the Twilight Zone along with these central bankers and their apologists...



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