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Mar 20 Dow Jones Head and Shoulders Pattern To Be Aware Of Chris Vermeulen
Our research team believes a moderately mild price rotation will unfold over the next 30 to 60 days where the US Stock Market will rotate downward. Particularly, the $INDU (Dow Jones Industrials) should move lower towards the $23,000 to 24,000 before finding support based on the longer term weekly chart. Keep in mind we are not saying the price is going to fall. We are stating price could correct in a big way if recent support levels are broken. If so, then 23,000-24,000 levels should be reviewed. We have been warning about a specific price pattern that we believe is currently in the process of setting up in the US Stock Market. This pattern is a “Falling Wedge” pattern. We’ve seen a few of these over the past 5+ years in downward retracing price swings. They typically act as...

Mar 20 Gold: Central Bank Sentiment Is Rock Solid Stewart Thomson
17.) As relentless Chindian demand growth, limited mine supply growth, and central bank de-dollarization all take the centre stage of price discovery in the eyes of the elite bank analysts, negative technical formations like this H&S top will continue be voided, and gold’s uptrend will continue. 18.) As gold pulled back to the $1280 I suggested that could be the new floor for the price. The powerful rally in the rupee taking place against the dollar now is triggering a surge in Indian dealer demand. In turn, that’s causing powerful commercial bank traders to cover short positions...

Mar 20 Ahead of The Fed Craig Hemke
This week brings another FOMC meeting, with discussions of interest rates, balance sheets, and the economy. How will this impact the precious metals? While most of the media attention this week will be on Chairman Powell and what he states during his press conference on Wednesday, it will be vital to remember the long game as you watch gold and silver prices fluctuate with every Powell utterance. As we wrote back in January, the year 2019 will unfold in a manner similar to 2010...


Mar 20 And They Call Us the Crazies? Bill Holter
My point in writing this topic is simple, the financial (and world in general) world has lost its mind in totality. You as a reader, probably already understood this but I hope you feel “stronger” after finishing your read. You might be a value investor, or a precious metals investor and have been punished for your thought process. I might add, and probably branded a crazy by your so called friends and family. You are not. We live in a world where stupidity is mainstream and “news” as fake as it has become is believed without question...

Mar 20 The Bloodbath in U.S. Shale Stocks Continues: Worst Is Yet To Come SRSRocco
Have you noticed the absolute carnage taking place in the U.S. shale oil stocks? It seems as if Wall Street and investors are finally growing weary of an industry that hasn’t made money in the past decade. Unfortunately, it took a longer than I expected, but the shale stocks have significantly underperformed the price action by the major oil companies. Now, when I say, “underperformed,” wait until you see the numbers. Of course, the bloodbath taking place in U.S. shale stocks shouldn’t be a surprise as the WARNING SIGNS have been many. For example...

Mar 20 Gold Stocks Outperform Gold but not Stocks Jordan Roy Byrne
The implication is obviously not favorable for precious metals because outperformance of the stock market is a necessity for a bull market and especially so, given the current context. That being said, one positive for the precious metals complex is the miners are outperforming the metals. Last week the GDX to Gold ratio hit a seven and a half month high. Another positive is breadth has not deteriorated yet. The GDX advance decline line is only a tiny bit off the recent high and 73% of the HUI and 65% of GDXJ are above the 200-day moving averages. Ultimately and to continue to beat the dead horse, a bull market in precious metals cannot begin without outperformance against the stock market....

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Mar 19 US Equities Price Anomaly Setup Continues Chris Vermeulen
Our Advanced Dynamic Learning (ADL) price modeling system is suggesting the rotation in the US stock market may stay somewhat muted before this move on April 21 begins. The ADL predictive modeling system is one of our proprietary price modeling utilities that our research uses to identify key levels of future support and resistance as well as to watch for “price anomalies” that setup. Price anomalies are where the current price level of any symbol is greatly diverted from the ADL predictive price level. When this happens, the price will usually “revert” back to near the ADL levels at some point in the immediate future – sometimes setting up a great trading opportunity...

Mar 19 Gold And Silver Are Feeling Frisky Dave Kranzler
The price of gold retested the $1300 level last week. Aggressive futures short-selling on the Comex took the price of gold below $1300 on Thursday last week. The price ambush failed to keep gold below $1300, as strong Indian demand and a growing expectation that the Fed will stop its balance sheet liquidation and eventually re-start QE. A lot of current precious metals and mining stock investors were not around for the 2008-2011 bull run and even less were around for the 2001-2006 bull run. The move from January 2016 to July 2016 was a head-fake that was part of the long period of consolidation shown in the chart above. Many of you have not experienced how much money can be made investing in junior mining stocks when a real bull move takes place...

Mar 19 Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part III) Przemyslaw Radomski
After gold’s plunge on Thursday, it made a comeback attempt on Friday. But that erased only half of Thursday’s vigorous decline. The situation in silver and gold miners doesn’t provide much ground for optimism either. The silent scream we wrote about in the Wednesday’s Alert for our subscribers brought serious repercussions. Both immediately and step-by-step as in a trainwreck in slow motion. Either way you look at it, just in time for our subscribers to reap the benefits. Today, we will devote extraordinary attention to the USD Index and the 2012-2013 – today link in gold...


Mar 18 Best Precious Metals Investment and Trades for 2019 Chris Vermeulen
It’s been years since the gold and silver topped out in 2011. We have been waiting for a new bottom form and a new bull market to emerge for nearly 8 years. In this article, I’m going to compare palladium, gold, platinum, and silver and show you which of these precious metals I feel is the best long-term investment and also the best trade for 2019. The analysis presented below is based on technical analysis using previous significant highs, and Fibonacci extensions. Both of these techniques work exceptionally well for predicting price targets both to the upside and also price corrections to the downside. If you have never used Fibonacci retracement or extensions in your trading I highly recommend learning more about them...

Mar 18 A Debt-Riddled System That Is Hitting The Wall Dave Kranzler
Fed officials always understate risks embedded in the system. Translated, the statement above implies the Fed is worried about the amount of debt accumulated in the U.S. economic system over the last 8 years. Kaplan specifically referenced the $6.2 trillion in corporate debt outstanding as a reason for the Fed to stop raising the Fed funds rate. Non-financial corporate debt as a percentage of GDP is now at a record high: More eye-raising for me was the warning issued by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements – the global Central Bank for central banks). The BIS warned that the surging supply of corporate debt, specifically the amount of BBB-rated debt, has left the credit market vulnerable to..

Mar 18 Here Are the Stunning Implications of Plunging Gold (Part II) Przemyslaw Radomski
The relative performance of both markets also continues to have bearish implications. The gold to silver ratio is on the rise once again – as the brief correction after breaking above the previous highs has run its course. The true long-term resistance is at about 100 level, so the ratio still has a long way to go before this level is reached. Since this ratio generally moves inversely to gold and silver prices, both metals are likely to decline. Please note that it’s not just the value of the ratio itself that suggests higher readings – it’s the time factor as well. In the past two decades, there was no other case when the gold to silver ratio stayed so long above the 80 level. All previous attempts were invalidated rather quickly...

Mar 18 Chinese Data Has Delayed Effect on Global Equities Markets – PART III Vermeulen
In the previous two segments of this research post PART I, PART II, we’ve hypothesized that the recent Chinese economic data and the resulting global shift to re-evaluate risk factors within China/Asia are prompting global traders/investors to seek protective alternative investment sources. Our primary concern is that a credit/debt economic contraction event may be on the cusp of unfolding over the next 12~24 months in China/Asia. It appears that all of the fundamental components are in place and, unless China is able to skillfully navigate through this credit contraction event, further economic fallout may begin to affect other global markets....

Mar 18 Gold Miners’ Q4’18 Fundamentals Adam Hamilton
The bottom line is the major gold miners are still struggling fundamentally. Their production shrinkage is accelerating, pushing costs proportionally higher. That led to weaker sales and operating cash flows in Q4. And accounting profits cratered into a dark abyss on enormous and suspicious impairment charges by big gold miners involved in mega-mergers. These poor results are retarding GDX’s upside potential. But smaller mid-tier and junior gold miners with superior fundamentals are bucking this trend to enjoy big stock-price gains. They are still able to grow production off way-smaller bases, boosting their earnings and attracting investment capital. They will continue...

Mar 18 Gold Stocks: Boss Candlesticks In Play Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double-click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SF Trader Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis...



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