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Aug 20 Daily Report Harvey Organ
I think you can sound the alarm bells as silver has advanced continually at the SLV. As you can see above, 3.07 million oz was "added" to inventories. We know that India is importing roughly 25% of global annual demand. I strongly feel that the silver addition is a paper addition and not real metal. As for gold we are also seeing rising inventories. We are of the opinion that the GLD gets its gold from the Bank of England through a swap arrangement and this swap (with dollars) is never unwound. Then gold leaves the GLD and heads to more gold friendly confines like that of Russia and China. The fun will begin once the Bank of England demands its gold back....

Aug 20 George Knows! Do You? Bill Holter
I can foresee a meltdown/melt up in stocks and precious metals coming. I believe it is possible we could see in a one week to one month timeframe where stocks lose nearly 50% and metals double …AND THEN the markets close. I have said all along I believe we will see a bank/market holiday where everything closes and then will reopen at “new” levels. Human nature says you will not do anything in the tumultuous phase, this is called the “deer in the headlights” syndrome. Then, if I am correct, you won’t be able to do anything while the markets are closed …which leaves you with what alternative?...


Aug 20 Stop Investing in Leveraged ETFs Andrey Dashkov
Bigger, faster, better. That’s the turbocharged investment we all want. Miller’s Money Forever subscribers who pay close attention to our portfolio, though, will notice that we don’t hold leveraged ETFs—those with “2x” or “inverse” or “ultra” in their names, which some investors mistake for “better.” Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a great tool for many portfolios. They allow investors to profit from movements in a huge variety of assets grouped by industry, geography, presence in a certain index, or other criteria. You can find ETFs tracking automobile producers, cotton futures, or cows....

Aug 20 Intervention and The Misery of Fiat Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Black swans have taken flight. World war is imminent as one new geopolitical flash point develops each week. Slowly, the underlying struggles are fomented by the greatest monetary intervention the world has ever seen. The template for each crisis can be traced back to the storm created by the first ever grand scale, all encompassing and floating currency standards. Faith is all we have to lean only while the seed coin disappears.


Aug 20 The US Gold in Fort Knox is Secure, Gone, or Irrelevant? GE Christenson
In 1950 the US owned about 20,000 metric tons of gold – approximately 640,000,000 troy ounces. By August 15, 1971 when President Nixon “temporarily” closed the “gold window” that hoard had decreased to about 8,100 tons (Fort Knox, the NY Fed, and other locations). The US government had been overspending, exporting dollars oversees, and other governments had “cashed in” those dollars for gold. At that rate of decrease, the US gold hoard would have been entirely dissipated by now. Perhaps it is gone!...

Aug 20 What Can We Expect From The Fed This Week? Chris Ciovacco
Based on the improvement in the big picture risk-reward profile for equities, our market model called for an incremental bump to the growth side of our portfolios Monday. Tuesday’s improvement reached levels calling for another “add” to the equity side. The charts below provide a few examples of “observable improvement”. On August 14 (left below), the S&P 500 remained below several forms of possible resistance, including the 50-day moving average and...


Aug 19 The Gold Price Gave Up $6.80 on the Comex Closing at $1.297.70 Franklin Sanders
The GOLD PRICE has support about $1,295. It closed today below its 20 & 50 day moving averages, but above that $1,295 support. Worst is, it closed below the downtrend line form October 2012, the line gold has been struggling to conquer. Friday and today have tugged the RSI below 50%, but the MACD remains barely pointing upward. Gold just has to begin moving up soon. The SILVER PRICE is just contrary. Gold drops, silver rises. It remains above the downtrend form the August 2013 high, and that is excellent. Unfortunately, that exhausts silver's excellent news. It's below all its moving averages, rose on lower volume, and has other indicators that look like five miles of bad road....

Aug 19 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Right from the get-go gold and silver were hit Sunday night. However as the evening wore on, gold advanced only to be hit on several occasions as the bankers saw silver advance much to their chagrin. Thus at the end of the day despite gold being down, silver rose by 11 cents on the day. We had good news on the GLD front as demand even for paper gold seems to taking its toll on the bankers in London England. The SLV inventory remained constant. At 1:30 we got news that the silver OI advanced again to almost 166,000 contracts against a low silver price of $20.60....


Aug 19 Next Time? Bill Holter
It is my opinion that we have come to the point where a scapegoat is needed and dirty tracks must be covered. The dollar system is a Ponzi scheme which cannot just fall apart on its own without having something to point at as the “cause.” The thought process I am sure is if a war is started and “we win,” the dollar can then be “forced” upon the world. If we lose? This will be pointed to as the reason the economy is in shambles, the markets collapsed, your bank closed and your dollars cratered in purchasing power. Never mind the fact we ran wild deficits, printed money and have done everything that history has shown us was imprudent and reckless....

Aug 19 Our Highest-Rated Speech of All Time Marc Victor
The usual fare at our conferences has much more to do with how to keep your money safe (and invest it to grow, of course). But we always prefer to mix in a few speakers to give us a real, on the ground reality check of what’s happening to our freedoms. Thus, when we invited constitutional law and criminal defense attorney Marc J. Victor to speak, we expected he'd share his insights into a slowly eroding respect for individual rights. He did not. Instead, he showed us just how bad things are getting and at a breakneck pace just beyond the public eye.

Aug 19 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Junior Bill Matlack

Aug 19 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack


Aug 19 Turk - The Greatest Fear For Central Planners In Gold & Silver KingWorldNews
...the quantity of fiat money is growing much faster than the fiat money value of the above-ground gold stock, and has been since this price correction in gold began three years ago. This result is making gold cheaper in terms of fiat currency, so each day gold is becoming better value. The long-term accumulators recognize this, which explains why the central planners can’t drive gold far below $1,300. The long-term accumulators in gold -- and silver too -- are buying every day what the miners put into the market, while the trend followers are enjoying their summer in the Hamptons. I expect that these circumstances will change soon. Excessive money printing by central planners at rates faster than the growth in the above-ground gold stock have always led to higher gold and silver prices....

Aug 19 (Video) How to Apply Moving Averages as a Trading Tool EWI
A moving average (MA) is one of the simplest technical tools an analyst or trader can use. The most common one is the simple moving average (SMA). A 200-period SMA often determines trend, support and resistance. Dual moving averages, which are popular, are the basis of many trading systems. In this 6-minute video lesson, Elliott Wave International's Jeffrey Kennedy explores different types of moving averages and how you can apply single, dual and multiple moving averages on your charts. Read more.

Aug 19 Jackson Hole: Covering Excuses To Keep Rates Low? Chris Ciovacco
Since it is the market’s interpretation of what is said at Jackson Hole that sets asset prices, our approach will be the same as it is for any Fed-related event. We will wait to see how the market reacts to Jackson Hole and make any necessary adjustments. For now, the title of the Jackson Hole conference has a bullish vibe that aligns with the other areas of improvement we have seen recently....

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2 Examples of the Forecasting Ability of the Elliott Wave Principle EWI
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Risk is On the Run in the Stock Market EWI
Aug 11 The Big One - 2014 Version - Maybe GE Christenson
Aug 11 Rule - Supply Shortages Beginning To Hit Commodity Markets KingWorldNews



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