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Jul 31 I Dare You! Bill Holter
There is a very real distinction between paper gold and physical gold, this will soon become apparent. The difference is physical in your own control is no one else’s liability. Paper gold on the other hand is the liability of the issuer of the contract. Currently, COMEX has a whopping 11.7 tons left of deliverable gold left. JP Morgan claims to have less than four tons, these are the lowest numbers I can ever remember. To put it in perspective, 11.7 tons of gold is worth less than $400 million dollars. The COMEX can now be broken and exposed with petty cash! As sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow, there will eventually be a "call" on real gold. Not only on COMEX gold but ALL paper gold...

Jul 31 #21 Silver Squelchers & Their Interesting Associates Charles Savoie
Have I worn you out with content? Try researching and presenting a series this extensive on any other topic. I did it all for free because the public has a right to know about this Pilgrims Society network. “If it is to be, it is up to me” can also be your slogan on any worthwhile cause....

Jul 31 Wrapping Up July Comex Silver Deliveries TF Metals Report
Please allow me to remind you...For as long as I've monitored Comex deliveries, I've never seen this before. The total amount of deliveries in silver (and gold, for that matter) NEVER exceed the number still open when the contract goes off the board and moves into delivery. NEVER. And yet this month...July of 2015...when price is being stomped down yet anecdotal reports continue to stream in about supply issues...suddenly, the Comex delivers 135%??...


Jul 31 Price Takers and Price Makers Theodore Butler
Whereas I usually talk in terms of what this collective influence has on silver and gold prices, it has now gone much further than that. The proof that collective managed money positioning has been the dominate price force in recent moves in corn, crude oil and copper (in addition to silver and gold) can be seen in the data in the CFTC’s Commitments of Traders (COT) report. Other commodities are similarly affected by collective managed money futures market positioning, but let me stick to just these five commodities for the sake of brevity...

Jul 31 Gold is Money Nick Barisheff
Most investors confuse money and currency, but they are not the same thing. Money is defined as a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value. For centuries, the term “money” referred to coins made of rare metals (gold and silver) with intrinsic value, and to notes backed by precious metals. Currency, while it is a medium of exchange, is not a store of value. It derives its value only by arbitrary fiat government decree, hence the term “fiat currency.” Paper banknotes represent money but they are not money. They are simply promissory notes, whose long-term “value,” or purchasing power, depends entirely on the fiscal and monetary discipline of the government that issued them....


Jul 30 Demand for Gold and Silver Very Very High Greg Hunter
We see that the gold trusts are being depleted. We see extraordinary amounts of withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange. So, we know the demand for gold and silver is very, very high. Some people know that, but the financial press operates to disguise what’s going on. The financial press says the reason the demand for coins is so high is the price is falling. What made the price fall? Only two things can cause the price of gold to fall. One has to be a great increase in supplies... but that’s not what’s happening it’s the opposite...

Jul 30 Gold Manipulation: It’s Much Bigger Than You Think Dave Kranzler
Each new financial crisis (emerging market debt, Long Term Capital, tech bubble, housing/credit bubble, etc) was met with successively larger amounts of money printing and credit creation. Print money to keep the banks and the markets from collapsing and create more credit to keep the giant Ponzi scheme going. Once the gold bull market got underway in late 2000/early 2001, in order support the monetary intervention required to keep the U.S. systemic “shell game” going, the manipulation of the gold markets began to intensify. It also started to become more obvious in nature to those where researching, trading and investing in the precious metals sector...

Jul 30 The War On Cash: Why Now? Charles Hugh Smith
Why are governments suddenly so keen to ban physical cash? The answer appears to be that the banks and government authorities are anticipating bail-ins, steeply negative interest rates and hefty fees on cash, and they want to close any opening regular depositors might have to escape these forms of officially sanctioned theft. The escape mechanism from bail-ins and fees on cash deposits is physical cash, and hence the sudden flurry of calls to eliminate cash as a relic of a bygone age — that is, an age when commoners had some way to safeguard their money from bail-ins and bankers’ control...

Jul 30 Chinese Corporatism Turns Sour James Hall
Jul 29 Comex Leverage Widens To Record TF Metals Report
Jul 29 (Interview) Crude Oil: Will the Decline Continue? EWI
Jul 29 The Gold/Housing Ratio As A Valuation Indicator Daniel R. Amerman
Jul 29 Planned Parenthood: You got a serious thinking disorder SARTRE
Jul 29 Gold & Silver Money has Devolved into Debt and Plastic Gary Christenson
Jul 29 Chaos, Propaganda And Why This Global Panic Will Be So Brutal KWN
Jul 28 The Plot Thickens in Aftermath of ‘the Greek Crisis’ Jeff Nielson
Jul 28 Supply and Demand in the Gold and Silver Futures Markets Roberts/Kranzler
Jul 28 GLD Continues To Be Looted While The Public Loads Up With Physical Dave Kranzler
Jul 27 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 27 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Jul 27 #20 Silver Squelchers & Their Interesting Associates Charles Savoie
Jul 27 How to Use the Stochastic Oscillator EWI
Jul 27 Gold And Silver – The US Dollar Does Not Exist, Part II Edge Trader Plus
Jul 27 THE Breakdown Of 2015 Is Now A Fact Taki T.
Jul 27 $1.99 per pound Filet Mignon …and War! Bill Holter
Jul 27 Gold: Close But No Cigar Morris Hubbartt
Jul 27 Gold Price Bottom - Key Reversal Day Franklin Sanders



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