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May 3 Silver: First A Dive, Then A Spiral Jeff Nielson
Happy days are here again in precious metals! Did you hear? There is a “rally” taking place at the moment. Yes, the price of gold has rallied all the way back to where it was at the end of 2009. The price of silver has rallied all the way back to where it was in the middle of 2009. Woo-hoo! For those readers who don’t think that returning to the prices of seven years ago, and recovering a tiny portion of the (nominal) price gains that have been lost in recent years qualifies as a rally, this commentary is for you. Readers have already been informed that the current “rally” is a fake-rally, for obvious and persuasive reasons. At the top of the list was silver’s failure to “lead the way” during the first two months of this pseudo-rally. This is impossible, for two reasons...

May 3 Is The Price Of Gold Going Ballistic? Chris Vermeulen
‘Gold mania’ is about to be ‘unleashed’. While global Central Banks are now implementing ‘negative interest rates’, this is the perfect scenario for gold to surge much higher. Gold is the final safe haven left to securely invest in which has stood the test of time over thousands of years. It has maintained its’ value throughout at least the last five thousand years. The sudden and most recent ‘break out’ in gold is proof that its’ safe-haven status is still intact. The price of gold is rising more on the expectation of the next financial crisis. Imagine how high the price of gold could go when the real crisis impacts world economies...


May 3 Bill Holter - This is Your Last Chance
Friends, this interview with JS Mineset's Bill Holter is not for the faint of heart. It contains information you absolutely must share with your friends and family, no matter how closed-minded they are, no matter how many times you may have tried to warn them in the past. This may well be their last chance to protect themselves from an economic calamity so severe that they will never recover. Holter warns, "I think what we are looking at is an EVENT that you're not going to be able to recover from. If this market snaps and the markets close, and you're not in position, you're out. You're out for the rest of your life. This is going to be an EVENT that you can't recover from."...

May 3 Exporting Quantitative Easing by The FED! Chris Vermeulen
Central banks, and central bankers, are in uncharted waters. They do not know how to create economic growth, they do not know how to fight the great boogeyman of ‘deflation’, and they do not know how, or, if they will ever be able to return to a time of "normal" monetary policy. Their pretense of knowledge, of being able to effectively control currencies used by billions of people, is coming to an end. The US Federal Reserve is using 17 central banks working in concert through currency swaps to maintain the fraudulent monetary system, which are probably tied into Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) and Interest Rate Swap derivatives between central banks and BLICS, which have been quietly bought $818bn in US Treasury’s...

May 3 When the Truth is Found to be Lies, Confidence in Currency Dies Gary Christenson
Devaluing currencies are normal for our debt based fiat currency financial system. But, when leaders, especially Presidents, are caught in lies, the populace is more inclined to “wake up” and see the reality of corporate and banking control over government policies. Those lies weakened the narrative that the government is run by the people, for the people, and is beneficial to the people. A loss of confidence in leaders leads to a loss of confidence in the country, its institutions, and accelerates the decline of the currency...

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May 2 Gold Market Update Clive Maund
The situation is paradoxical – gold and silver have broken out upside despite already extreme COT readings, yet the dollar has still not broken down. This setup continues to warrant caution, yet if the dollar should break down from its potential top area and drop hard, gold and silver will go into a vertical meltup – and here we should not forget the tight physical supply situation. In the last update we expected gold and silver to drop due to the COTs extremes, but they have done the opposite resulting in even greater extremes, which in silver’s case are “off the scale”...

May 2 Silver Market Update Clive Maund
Despite its alarming COTs, silver has continued even higher over the past two weeks to arrive at a near-term target in a critically overbought state. We can see this on the 1-year chart which suggests that it is likely to react back soon, or at least stop to consolidate. The good news for the longer-term is that this action has at last broken it out from its long-term downtrend, but as we can see on the 6-year chart, it is now approaching a zone of strong resistance in the $18.50 - $19.50 zone, which, should it continue higher over the near-term, should call a halt to the advance. Should the dollar break down soon from its potential top, however, then both gold and silver could go into meltup mode...

May 2 Gold And Silver – A Clarion Alarm Call For All Paper Assets Edge Trader Plus
It is important to always remember an ounce of gold or silver does not ever change. What changes is the [falsely]perceived [worthless]”value” of fiat paper currencies. The ounce of gold that is constant recently cost $1,100 fiat “dollars”. Now, it takes nearly $1,300 fiat “dollars” to purchase that same ounce. The worthless fiat paper is losing value relative to gold. Soon, it will continue to take more and more of those fiat pieces of paper to exchange for the constant 1 ounce of gold. The same is true of silver...

May 2 Gold Price has $1,308 in this Move, and Much More Franklin Sanders
Silver's chart, at first glance, doesn't argue for new highs like gold's. Maybe Friday's close above the upper range boundary was just a throwover. Look how overbought that RSI is! Not to Mention the MACD. Yep, but volume is rising, and overbought can get overboughter. It appears that after silver tugging and pulling gold higher, gold will now return the favour and tug silver up toward 1850¢. What would put the stick in their spokes? What will gainsay my expectation of higher highs? A price collapse on Monday. A severe decline, and I don't mean merely backing off $10 for gold, I mean closing below $1,287 AND dropping further. Sharp down move...

May 2 The Next Technical Price Targets for Gold & Silver Chris Vermeulen
I have pointed out earlier, gold is forming a possible short-term top. It is on the verge of completing a bearish ‘Head and Shoulder’ pattern. The pattern is confirmed if gold closes below $1220/oz. The downside pattern target for this setup is $1138/oz. If gold starts to rally and breaks out to the upside, then we should see the $1396 level be reached based on technical analysis. I will open a new long gold position when the time feels right. With technical analysis strongly suggesting gold and silver have bottomed, New breakouts to the upside in metals and mining stocks can be bought...

May 2 USD, Yen and an ‘Inflation Trade’ Update Gary Tanashian
The ‘inflation trade’ rally [or at least this leg of it] is maturing rapidly. As we will review once again in the next segment, the next upside target for HUI is now loaded but risk is rising with the precious metals complex and the ‘inflation trade’ as it always does during a euphoric upward burst in any market. If for example, HUI were to hit the upside target (gold stocks are not about inflation, fundamentally) while USD and Yen hit theirs, extreme caution would be advised. As it is, caution is now advised generally speaking...

May 2 Silver And Mining Stocks Continue Up The “Wall Of Worry” Dave Kranzler
Currently skepticism toward the ongoing rally in the precious metals sector is rampant. A lot of it based on shamelessly presented analysis of the COT data. But the COT data analysts have been wrong since March on their doom and gloom outlook based on the attributes of the long/short data in the weekly COT report. Let me preface this with the proviso that the veracity of the COT data is predicated on the reliability of reports generated by the likes of JP Morgan, HSBC and Scotia. If these banks are providing bona fide, non-fraudulent Comex data reports, it would be the only area of their entire business for which they are not publishing corrupted financial information...

May 2 Precious Metals: More Upside Breakouts Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): US Bonds, Dollar, & Dow Video Analysis; Gold & Silver Bullion Video Analysis; Precious Metal ETFs Video Analysis; Trader Time Swing Trades Video Analysis; SFJ & SF60 Key Stocks Video Analysis...

May 2 Silver & Silver Stocks: Top Performing Assets In 2016 SRSrocco
Silver and the silver mining stocks are some of the top performing assets in 2016. Silver was the top performing physical asset in the metal-commodity basket gaining 27% since the beginning of the year. Silver’s gains surpassed West Texas Oil which increased 24%, zinc at 20% and gold at 19%: As we scroll down the chart we can see that copper, the king base metal, placed towards the bottom of the list at a mere 5% gain, while lead recorded a 2% loss and natural gas declined the most at 8%...

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Apr 27 CFTC didn't know of Deutsche's market-rigging settlement until asked by GATA GATA
Apr 27 Long Awaited Gold Breakout Jim Willie
Apr 27 A Historic Rally in Gold Stocks – and Most Investors Missed It Pater Tenebrarum
Apr 26 Bill Holter-Without Price Suppression Gold Would be $5,000 to $10,000 Greg Hunter
Apr 26 The chances of a COMEX default... Bill Holter
Apr 26 The Death of Western Human Rights Jeff Nielson
Apr 26 Lies, Propaganda And What Is Really Going To Shock The World KWN
Apr 26 World War III Has Begun Paul Craig Roberts
Apr 25 Good News, Bad News, Both Favor Gold And Silver Edge Trader Plus
Apr 25 Gold/Silver Manipulation: The Foul Smell Of Desperation Dave Kranzler
Apr 25 Continued Financial Market Deterioration Impacts Gold Eagle Sales... SRSrocco
Apr 25 Silver Stocks ETF: No Rest For The Champ Morris Hubbartt
Apr 25 This Week saw [Probably] Saw a Short Term Peak in Silver and Gold F. Sanders



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