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Jul 30 The Gold Price Dropped $5.00 Closing at $1,298.50 Franklin Sanders
The GOLD PRICE today dropped $5.00 (0.38%) to $1,298.50, crushing support at $1,305 & $1,300. Kept on trading lower in the aftermarket. Some support waits at $1,295, but downward momentum suggests the GOLD PRICE will fall below its last low at $1,287.50. Needs a close above $1,320 to reverse. Silver & gold gainsaid each other today, gold down $5 and the SILVER PRICE up two measly cents. 2050c is showing itself stronger than I expected, but still look for a further drop to 2000c or 1975c. Any sharp, sudden drop in silver & gold prices offers Y'ALL the opportunity to load up the boat. Don't pass it up....

Jul 30 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed down $5.00 at $1298.30 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was up 3 cents at $20.55. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1300.00; silver: $20.58. Even though options expired on the comex yesterday, we still have options on the OTC market (between banks and hedge funds off the comex). Today gold was flying in the Asian time zone hitting its zenith at $1312.00. However our banker friends showed up at their usual and customary time, at the first London fix and whacked gold down to $1305. Then gold rose again to $1310 and then we had two huge flash crashes...

Jul 30 Rick Rule - Silver Is The Wild Card As Metals To Surge Higher KingWorldNews
 I think we are going to see rising precious metals and precious metals mining shares in the back half of this year. It may be a slow, uphill ramble, but they will head higher. Investors will see higher highs and higher lows. We have already seen three runs in the metals and the miners which have been followed by declines, but note the higher highs and the higher lows. This is a gradual, stair-step higher as these markets climb a ‘wall of worry.’ This is precisely what you look for coming out of a major bear market....


Jul 30 The Stock Market with Elliott Wave Labels from 1693 to Present Day Reveals a Bear Market Formation Since 2000 EWI
The year 2007 came on the heels of the all-time high in real estate values in 2006, a time that marked both the seemingly realized American Dream of universal home ownership and its turn toward its dissolution. It was a time of major change in American finances. The year 2014 has none of these attributes. Real estate, commodities and precious metals are in bear markets, and the economy has stalled. The only thing rising is stocks. We can therefore make a case that even 2007 was the more important market top for the average American. But we can't credit the year 2014 with anything nearly as grand as what was happening at the tops of 2000 and 2007. This lack of importance fits the b-wave label....

Jul 30 We’re Ready to Profit in the Coming Correction—Are You? Laurynas Vegys
Sometimes I see an important economic or geopolitical event in screaming headlines and think: “That’s bullish for gold.” Or: “That’s bad news for copper.” But then metals prices move in the opposite direction from the one I was expecting. Doug Casey always tells us not to worry about the short-term fluctuations, but it’s still frustrating, and I find myself wondering why the price moved the way it did. As investors we’re all affected by surges and sell-offs in the investments that we own, so I want to understand. Take gold, for example. Oftentimes we find that it...

Jul 30 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Seniors Bill Matlack

Jul 30 Metals & Mining Analysts' Ratings & Estimates - Juniors Bill Matlack


Jul 30 Size Matters By Dr Jerome
Many of us are on a budget and building up a nice stack is not easy. At least it is cheaper these days. A few months after I began in late 2010 I was lamenting that I couldn’t get any silver for under $30 per ounce, that I would have bought much more at $25 if I had only known. When I go to the LCS, I want to be a big player, talk about silver prices and seem important to them. I want to feel the heft of the larger bars, or inspect the gold coins. But as soon as I drift to the cull box of old Morgans or look at the odd generic rounds, they turn remind me to hurry up and make my selection....

Jul 30 Silver Prices - Megaphone Patterns GE Christenson
Over 40 years of silver prices can be represented by four zones of megaphone shaped price patterns. My interpretation is that zone 4 – a long and aggressive move upward – is still in progress. My round number target is $100 or more in 2016 – 2019. Although I hope that the powers-that-be will not choose to create hyperinflation in the US, if hyperinflation does occur, the $100 target will be easily bypassed and much higher prices will be “in play.”

Jul 30 Fed Delivers Warning To Investors Chris Ciovacco
The Federal Reserve is an interesting study in public relations. The Fed has twelve districts that release statements and publish studies. The Federal Reserve Board is comprised of seven members who often make public statements about monetary policy. The chair of the Federal Reserve Board also testifies and conducts Q&A sessions with the media. Often, statements coming from the various sources within the Fed seem to be highly contradictory and confusing, something that serves a purpose in the realm of monetary policy....


Jul 29 The Gold Price Remained Unchanged at $1,303.30 Franklin Sanders
I don't like double closes, or near double closes, where a market closes at X one day then next day closes unchanged. Often it indicates a trend failing. Silver and GOLD PRICES both traded flat today in small ranges. Silver lost 6.2 cents to 2052.6c while gold closed unchanged -- that's right -- at $1,303.30. GOLD PRICES indicators have index fingers pointed toward the earth. Gold needs to close above $1,320 to break upward. If it breaks $1,300 tomorrow it will retest the previous low and 200 DMA at $1,287. The SILVER PRICE support from 2050c to 2035c has to hold or silver will fall back to prove itself at 1975c....

Jul 29 Daily Report Harvey Organ
Gold closed up $.20 at $1303.30 (comex to comex closing time ). Silver was down 7 cents at $20.52. In the access market tonight at 5:15 pm - gold: $1305.00; silver: $20.59. GLD: no change in gold inventory at the GLD (tonnage still 801.84 tonnes). SLV: no change in silver inventory at the SLV. Today, we have options expiry and gold/silver held up quite nicely. Generally the crooks keep silver and gold subdued prior and on this day so the bankers can make money on all of the underwritten put options and call options at $1300.00 gold and $20.50 silver....

Jul 29 Gold Elliott Wave Projection Since 1970 Trader MC
The market movement unfolds in waves which reflects human nature that does not change. The Elliott Wave Principle is made of motive and corrective waves. Waves 1, 3 and 5 are impulse waves as they move with the trend, Waves 2 and 4 are corrective waves as they partially retrace the previous impulse move. A complete sequence is made of 8 waves: a 5-wave motive phase (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and a basic 3-wave corrective phase (A, B, C). From January 1970 until now we can see that Gold had 3 impulsive waves which were separated by 2 distinct countertrend corrective waves. On high scale degrees I prefer to use percentage scales....


Jul 29 Turk - Expect A Wild Trading Week In The Gold & Silver Markets KingWorldNews
Will gold and silver drop again this week because of the economic news and FOMC announcement? We’ll see, but whatever noise impacts gold and silver this week will soon pass. The plain fact is that gold and silver are undervalued, and consequently the tide already has turned in their favor. The uptrend in gold and silver has now been underway for 13 months. It was June 2013 when the precious metals made their low, and for months gold and silver have been climbing the proverbial ‘wall of worry’ that is the characteristic of all new bull markets.

Jul 29 The Cause and Consequences of World War I SARTRE
International banksters thrive on war. World War I proved that no political regime is immune from satanic belligerence. The last century is an anthology of fabricated conflicts designed to foster Quigley’s NWO financial and coercive control vision. The Rothschild Dynasty vastly extends beyond family and tribe, as it is a matrix for the eradication of the sacred tenants and sanctity of individual life that is a bedrock principle of Western Civilization. World War I was not about national disputes, but was a planned destruction of Christendom....

Jul 29 Why We Should Fear the REPO Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
REPO, also related to "shadow finance" is the core catalyst - the perpetual financial motion generator - the way constant leverage is conjured out of nothing on a daily basis. It drives worldwide liquidity and/or credit. It has enabled the funneling of credit into equities. China has its own form of shadow finance -- using metal backed letters of credit - also now beginning to unwind. In fact, if you want to know where to find the lynch pin for these modern day paper systems, look to the shadows, where liquidity and leverage originate. This is not what monetary historians had in mind for a "flexible currency"....

Jul 29 The Market Will Guide Us If We Are Willing To Listen Chris Ciovacco
If you were investing in 1994, you probably recall it was a difficult year. Notice the similarities to 2014 in the text from The Economist below: CAST your minds back to 1994. The Federal Reserve had kept rates at (what seemed then) the low level of 3% for three years in an effort to allow the financial sector industry to recover from the savings & loan crisis, a problem that was the result of reckless expansion and lending (thank goodness they learned the lessons of that disaster). The Fed then started very modestly to tighten monetary policy with a quarter point rate increase. But the bond market had its worst year since the late 1920s....

Jul 28 Friday Market Review
Jul 28 The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets Jeff Nielson
Jul 28 Gold And Silver – Use “Magic” Of Gold/Silver Ratio Michael Noonan
Jul 28 The Bond Markets, Black Swans, and the Tiny Spirit of Santo Dr. Jeffrey Lewis
Jul 28 Derivatives: Abuse, Props, Risks Jim Willie



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