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Apr 27 Flash News: Junior Miners Are Not Going To Implode Dave Kranzler
On Monday IRD published a reply to an article that was posted on which theorized that capital was going to stop flowing to the junior mining stock sector because of the changes occurring at the GDXJ and JNUG ETF: No, The Junior Mining Stocks Are Not Going To Implode. In that reply I stated that, in the course of doing research for the Mining Stock Journal, that several junior mining stock CEO’s had recently told me that there was an enormous amount of capital coming into the sector from sophisticate pools of institutional investors and strategic players (other mining companies, private equity etc). This morning the “proof of concept” in my commentary was offered when Sandstorm Gold and Mariana Resources announced a merger deal...

Apr 27 Historic Unsustainability Andrew Hoffman
Yes, this is what happens in the latter stages of an historic, government-orchestrated financial bubble; and conversely, the damage that can be done in “paper PM investments” – which unlike physical gold and silver, can be naked shorted into oblivion.  Moreover, as discussed in great detail yesterday, mining shares can also be damaged – and in many cases, destroyed – by countless factors aside other than naked shorting, such as debt; equity dilution; operational issues; permitting, jurisdictional, and taxation changes; and oh yeah, the plunging production outlook caused by years of under investment, directly resulting from Cartel-catalyzed capital strangulation.  In other words, if you don’t own the real thing, you are not truly “exposed” to gold and silver...

Apr 27 Trump Now A Captive Of The Deep State Paul Craig Roberts
The questions before us could not be any clearer: Will Russia and China break and give in to Washington? If not, will Washington become a good world citizen for the first time in America’s history, or will Washington issue more threats, thereby convincing Russia and China that their alternative is to wait for Washington’s preemptive nuclear strike or deliver one themselves? This is the only question that the world faces that is worth our attention. I spent a quarter century in Washington. The evil that is in control there at the present time is unprecedented. I have never seen anything like it. Can the world survive the evil that is concentrated in Washington, evil that has the support of the governments of the Western world?...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Apr 26 Silver Price Management Craig Hemke
If the entire world only produces 880,000,000 ounces of silver per year...and if 75% of that silver is consumed through the production of cell phones, solar panels and other items...then how do The Banks manage price off of the remaining 220,000,000 ounces? The answer: Alchemy. Look, you likely already know how The Bullion Banks alchemize gold in order to control price. After the failure of the US to manage price in the 1950s and the failure of The London Gold Pool in the 1960s, the alchemy of paper/digital "gold" was formalized with the creation of Comex gold futures in 1975...

Apr 26 The Deep State Transcends Sovereign Law Shadow of Truth/IRD
The quiet revolution occurring behind the facade that is called “Washington, DC” for several decades has led to the complete hijacking of the U.S. Government by an entity nefariously known as, “The Deep State.” Those who warned about The Deep State previously were labelled conspiracy theorists. Now, with the help of Wikileaks, the idea of the Deep State is openly discussed even in the mainstream media. The Deep State is Orwell’s Big Brother. The ultimate power is the power to commit crimes with impunity, meaning that the entity committing the crime does so free from fear of punishment. We saw this with the Iraq invasion in several respects...


Apr 26 Tower of Greed The Daily Coin
Speaking for myself, is it too much to ask that when I go to a place of business for that business to operate in a manner that is comfortable and that I don’t feel like I am being lied to and my money stolen? Well, if you do business with a bank that is all you can expect to receive; dishonor and theft. If you read the article in full, as I requested, you now know exactly what I am talking about. The ECC (Economic Consultative Committee), fewer than 50, (yes FEWER than 50 people) meet twelve times a year to determine how we, the citizens of the world, are going to be sheered like sheep by the ruling and banking class.

Apr 26 The Looting Machine Called Capitalism Paul Craig Roberts
In the past when critics raised the question about external costs, that is, costs that are external to the company although produced by the company’s activities, economists answered that it was not really a problem, because those harmed by the activity could be compensated for the damages that they suffered. This statement was intended to reinforce the claim that capitalism served the general welfare. However, the extremely primitive nature of American property rights meant that rarely would those suffering harm be compensated. The apologists for capitalism saved the system in the abstract, but not in reality...

Apr 26 The Future Of Money, And Wealth Storage Andrew Hoffman
As history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme implodes, government attempts to “control” competing currencies – or better put, monies – will become progressively more draconian; as has been the case with all such situations throughout history.  However, they will all miserably fail – as the “future of wealth storage”; be it gold, silver, Bitcoin, or any “competing” currency – will unquestionably migrate, in Jim Sinclair’s words, “out of the system.”  Which is why, more than ever, the need to own physical assets, rather than exchange or brokerage held paper assets, is so urgent...

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
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Apr 25 Exchange-Traded Funds Make Decisions Easy Chris Vermeulen
The broad stock market is working through a more complex corrective price pattern. My recent forecast, as displayed in the chart below, indicates that the next leg up is toward 2500.  The market may be about to start a larger A-B-C correction to test the 2300 level to fully cleanse itself, before starting the next leg up. But overall, the SPX is very bullish long-term. Investors are among the most pessimistic they have been in 7 years!  Over the past four weeks, this sentiment is nearing the lowest of all readings of the past 30 years. If it declines a bit further, it will suggest future returns of the SPX will be impressively positive over the next couple months.

Apr 25 Global Silver Mining Industry Productivity Falls To The Lowest In History SRSrocco
The falling average yield in the silver mining industry seems to be overlooked by the majority of analysts. As we can see in the chart above, the primary silver miner’s average yield has fallen from 13 oz/t in 2005 to 7.4 oz/t in 2016. This is a 43% decline in just 12 years. Lastly, Tahoe Escobal Mine’s average silver yield will continue to fall over the next ten years. Thus, the global silver mining industry will continue to process more ore to produce the same or less silver in the future. While the cost of energy has declined over the past few years, falling ore grades will continue to put pressure on the silver mining industry going forward...

Apr 25 The Chicken Or The Egg? Bill Holter
First, central banks have been buying everything …including stocks, to prevent the markets from turning down. It is safe to say they understand that with the leverage and derivatives outstanding they cannot allow markets to correct (or God forbid actually enter bear markets). They understand the “size” of the derivatives markets is so large, NO ONE can withstand a downturn and actually be called upon to perform their “insurance payments”. So the central banks have a problem here, they are now “forced” to purchase assets to prevent market downturns but one should ask the question “who will they eventually sell to”? The answer of course is “no one” because there is no one large enough to take these assets off their books...

Apr 25 No, The Junior Mining Stocks Are Not About To Implode Dave Kranzler
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