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Mar 31 The Gold Price Lost $15.00 Today Ending on the Comex at $1,184.80 Franklin Sanders
The GOLD PRICE lost $15.00 today & shuttered Comex at $1,184.80; silver gave up 35.9 cents to $16.657. Clearly on Friday I didn't scrutinize the charts closely enough for downside targets. Let's try that again. The GOLD PRICE is likely to hit $1,170 on a correction, & the SILVER PRICE might stop at $16.60 but could drop to $16.20. Interesting that volume dropped off for both silver and gold prices today, very sharply for gold. That suggests there's not much power behind the selling. Correction will likely last all this week. Be patient, be patient....

Mar 31 Cash is Trash Bill Holter
...during the Q+A session Mrs. Yellen made the comment “cash is not a convenient store of value”. After it was all said and done, CNBC’s Rick Santelli went off on a rant and can be seen here. If I may interpret for you, Mrs. Yellen is saying they not only “want” to debase the dollar and create inflation, they absolutely MUST debase and devalue the dollar in or to “reflate” and KEEP REFLATING! There is no other alternative but we already knew this. We knew she knew this, what was shocking is she actually said this! Let me finish with a three word translation for you, “Cash is trash”...


Mar 31 Reflections in a Golden Eye Michael J. Kosares
The individual who thought he or she had the cat by the tail and cashed-in his or her golden chips during the 1920's deflation became a millionaire. In short order though, that millionaire became a pauper as wave after wave of hyperinflation washed over the German economy. One moral from this somewhat frightening tale is that becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire on one's gold holdings was inconsequential. Another is not to give up one's hedge until there is ample evidence that it is no longer needed. Momentary nominal profits can be illusory....

Mar 31 A Middle East Holocaust Paul Craig Roberts
Nuclear weapons are no longer restrained by the Cold War MAD doctrine. Washington has released them into pre-emptive first strike form. The targets of these pre-emptive strikes–Russia and China–know it, because Washington proudly proclaims its immorality in public documents describing its war doctrine. The result is to maximize the chance of nuclear war. If you were Russia and China, and you knew that Washington had a war doctrine that permits a surprise nuclear attack, would you sit there waiting while Washington cranks up its anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda machine, demonizing both countries as a threat to “freedom and democracy”?...


Mar 31 The Rosen Market Timing Letter Ron Rosen
If I am going to be true to myself and therefore not false to anyone I must admit that I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that the pattern and chart comparisons in this REPORT are the truth and completely accurate and to the highest probability have not been posted or mentioned by anyone or any investment organization. Does this mean that I am the only person in the entire investment world that recognizes the fact that the pattern called a Running Flat Correction has taken place and is complete on the gold and silver charts? Maybe I am. Here it is in all its glory....

Mar 31 ECB To Steal Greek Bank Deposits As Greece To Default Within Two Weeks KWN
The situation is Greece is deteriorating rapidly, Eric, and the implications extend far beyond the euro. KWN readers need to be ready just in case there are some nasty surprises over the next couple of weeks that roil markets around the globe. Greece has been out of the headlines of the mainstream media, so little attention is being given to the fact that the government there is rapidly running out of money. And crunch time begins on Tuesday, March 31st....

Mar 30 What Moved Price? Bab el-Mandeb And Uranus Square Pluto What?! ETP
So many “experts” have so much to say in correlating the current prices for gold and silver with factors like how much gold China and Russia have been accumulating, the shortages of and demand for physical PMs, hypothecating, rehypothocating [aka stealing] of gold by Western Central Banks, the record sales for gold and silver coins, world-wide, etc, etc, etc. Yet, with all of the pinpoint accuracy in reporting, backed by statistics, graphs, charts with arrows drawn in to show the next direction [always wrong] for PMs, there has been little demonstrable cause and effect relations between events and prices. We have two....

Mar 30 Deflation Watch: Key Economic Measures Turn South EWI
Can the Federal Reserve stop deflation? Well, despite unprecedented stimulus, key economic measures have turned south. Take a look at these charts. Read more.

Mar 30 Index Market Range Points Is Warning Us Chris Vermeulen
...the US stock market continues to grind higher but with several warning signs to investors who know how to spot them. There are three ways to play a bear market. The first is to do nothing, which is what most people do as they watch their life savings slowly evaporate right in front of them month after month. Second, is to liquidate a large portion of equities and sit safely in cash while others lose money. The third and last is to...


Mar 30 The World Is Being Driven Toward Orchestrated Financial Destruction KWN
As the world sees past the propaganda designed to diminish the perceived value of precious metals and other real assets, the stage will be set for a meteoric rise in prices. Nobody knows when it will happen or the catalyst that triggers it, but that moment is rapidly approaching. We suspect that it will follow the reconstruction of the global financial infrastructure examples of which are the replacement markets for precious metals in Asia along with this new AIIB.

Mar 30 Gold Effect on Mining & Shale Wasteland Jim Willie
It must be known that when the Gold & Silver markets are finally released from COMEX & LBMA shutdown, and given room to run by the Shanghai market mechanisms, the supply line will not be prepared. The hardships faced by the mining sector will aggravate the problem, resulting in a much faster rise in prices as compensation. The return to market equilibrium, a totally foreign concept, will come slowly and painfully, as price zooms much higher than the minions even think possible. Controlled markets will be kicked aside. When any move toward equilibrium finally occurs, mayhem and chaos will hit screeching levels. There are between 50 and 100 paper claims for each physical gold ounce in existence.

Mar 30 The Gold Price Gained $15.00 this Week Closing at $1,199.80 Franklin Sanders
As I suspected, after 7 days' rising silver & GOLD PRICES needed a rest, especially at $17.00 & $1,200 resistance. Today silver gave back 7 cents (0.41%) to close Comex at $17.052. The GOLD PRICE lost $5.00 (0.48%) at $1,199.80. Obviously yesterday, with its thrusts to $17.41 & $1,219.50 was the top of the first leg up. Next comes a little -- not big -- correction, maybe back to $16.50 & $1,190 before metals launch their next leg. Pause shouldn't last many days....

Mar 30 Junior Gold Stocks: Volume Rules Price Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts: US Dollar ETF (UUP) Correction Target Video Analysis;Gold Bull Volume Bar Of Champions Video Analysis; Silver Moving Averages Buy Signal Video Analysis; GDX Symmetrical Triangle Video Analysis; GDXJ Volume Rules Price Video Analysis; Four Great Precious Metal Stocks Video Analysis.

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