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Aug 26 Stock Market Is Crazy and Crazy Means Opportunity Chris Vermeulen
The current pattern is suggesting that a significant top is at hand. I fully believe both in patterns and indicators and right now the current pattern is suggesting that a significant top is at hand. My cycles are suggesting a potential “Black Swan” event, in multiple indexes, which are “imminent”. The SPX may have made its’ last challenge of the upper trend line of its’ ‘Broadening Top’. On Friday, August 19th, 2016, it closed beneath its’ ‘Cycle Top’ resistance at 2185.38. The SPX has fulfilled all of the fractal requirements necessary for a completed “corrective” uptrend. The uptrend from 1810 has been in a “corrective phase”. The next wave down will be an impulsive wave....

Aug 26 Broker Charles Schwab Now Suggesting Gold To Clients & EROI Update SRSrocco
In an interesting change of events, Retail Broker, Charles Schwab is now publicly talking about GOLD investments to their clients. Financial expert Vic Patane, and I discussed this as well as many other interesting topics. It seems as if the Financial Advisors missed the boat suggesting gold ownership to their clients when the price moved from $250 to $1,900. This time around more clients are putting pressure on the Financial Advisors to allow them to include gold in their portfolios. However, Vic and I discuss how these brokers will likely suggest shares in the GLD ETF rather than physical gold as they don’t make money on putting their clients into real metal...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Aug 26 A Date Which Will Live in Infamy Antonius Aquinas/Acting Man
In essence, Nixon’s decision ended gold redemption and placed the U.S. and the rest of the world on a purely fiat paper standard for the first time in recorded history. By doing so, the U.S., in effect, became a deadbeat nation which no longer honored its obligations and was set on the road to its current banana republic status. Instead of impeachment proceedings and his ultimate resignation for the juvenile break in at the headquarters of the nation’s other ruling crime syndicate, Nixon should have been imprisoned for this deliberate and destructive act which has led, in large measure, to the nation’s crushing and insurmountable debt burden, reoccurring booms and busts, and now economic stagnation...

Aug 26 Economic And Political Collapse Leads To WW3 Dave Kranzler
As the United States slides further into economic and political collapse, its military belligerence around the globe is escalating the probability that an “accident” of some form will trigger the outbreak of World War Three. As this three-legged monster evolves, the degree of U.S. Government propaganda is at all-time highs. As an example, yesterday on CNN – aka the Clinton News Network, an “analyst” summarily dismissed allegations surrounding Hillary’s health problems as “sexism” and today CNN’s health “expert” asserted questions about Trump’s health. If questioning Hillary’s health is a form of misogyny, then isn’t questioning Trump’s health a form of misandry?...


Aug 25 World’s Monetary System Is Broken & Costing Overseas Business Chris Vermeulen
Low and negative yields mean that no one has the confidence to invest in real capital projects. Investors would much rather lose money over a 10-year horizon than invest in building dams, repairing pipes, creating better grids, starting new businesses, etc. A new monetary order must replace the existing one, and as soon as possible. It will likely be one that China is determined to dominate this time around...

Aug 25 The ‘Deep State’ Shadow Government Is Hard At Work In Financial Markets KWN
Stocks and real estate may be seriously overvalued today, but in most instances they represent real assets, and I believe they will retain value much better than bonds, bank deposits, etc. However, gold and silver bullion, and their respective equities, represent by far the best value at the current time. Thus, not surprisingly, the ‘Deep State’ is doing their utmost to suppress them, while supporting bonds, stocks, and real estate. This represents a historic opportunity to buy physical gold, silver, and their respective shares. And with the blatant weakness generated in the sector in the last few days, prior to the Jackson Hole meeting and option expiry, their attraction is enhanced. Do not hesitate to buy them at this point...

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

Aug 24 Unlocking Gold's True Value: The Economic Code – Finally Revealed SRSrocco
It has taken me years of research and reflection to understand GOLD’s TRUE VALUE. Unfortunately, the majority of economists and precious metal analysts look at gold in a very specialized way. While precious metals analysts see gold as real money versus the Keynesian view of a Fiat Dollar System, both fail to grasp gold’s true value. Gold is more than a precious metal based on supply and demand. Furthermore, the Austrian School of Economics looks at gold as a foundation of money in the procurement of goods and services. However, gold’s real value comes from energy in all forms and in all stages in its production I am going to repeat it one more time…. gold’s real values comes from ENERGY in ALL FORMS and IN ALL STAGES in its production...

Aug 23 Competitive Devaluation and Rising Precious Metals Prices Jeff Nielson
If there is one thing we know with absolute certainty about the monetary fraud-factories called “central banks”, it is that they know how to create inflation. The criminal kingpin of these fraud-factories is the Federal Reserve. In its first century of crime, the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen by 99%. It has devalued the U.S. dollar by 99%, i.e. 99% of its value has been devoured by Federal Reserve-created “inflation”. Now this same entity is claiming that it is impossible to devalue the dollar any further – no matter how much new funny-money it cranks out from its crooked printing press. What does it mean when an entity devalues and devalues and devalues its currency, and then tells us it can’t devalue the currency any further? It means that this currency is already worthless. You can’t “devalue” a currency below zero...

Aug 23 Official Statement: U.S. Mint Has Not Stopped Production Of Silver Eagles SRSrocco
According to the public affairs person at the U.S. Mint, the rumor that Silver Eagle production was halted due to lack of demand, is not true. I have been receiving lots of emails on this issue, so I decided to pick up the phone and call Michael White, public affairs person at the U.S. Mint. I have spoken to Mr. White several times over the past five years on different issues. So, instead of going by secondary channels and the blog-sphere rumor-mill, I thought it best to get it directly from the source itself...

Aug 23 How to Spot an Oversold Stock Market Chris Vermeulen
Aug 23
The Fed’s Latest Comedian: Stanley Fisher Dave Kranzler

Aug 23 Ceding ICANN and Internet Control to Globalists SARTRE
Aug 23 Remarkable Prediction Unfolding As Silver Tumbles KWN
Aug 22 Optimistic Channel Charts Jim Otis
Aug 22 Craig Hemke-All Markets Are Broken Greg Hunter/USA Watchdog
Aug 22 Gold Will Explode In Value Well Beyond What Jim Rickards Forecasts SRSrocco
Aug 22 Will the Bubble Pop Regardless if the FED Never Raises Rates? Chris Vermeulen
Aug 22 Junior Gold Stocks: Relentless Leadership Morris Hubbartt



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