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Jul 26 WHAT’S GOING ON??? Record Swiss Gold Flow Into The United States SRSrocco
So what’s going on here? Why the declining U.S. gold exports or surging gold imports from Switzerland? Are foreign countries demand less gold?? I doubt it. Or how about the massive increase in supposed gold flows into the Global Gold ETFs & Funds?? While there is no way of knowing how much gold these Gold ETFs & Funds hold, something seriously changed in May as the Swiss exported more gold to the U.S. in one month than they have every year for several decades. Are wealthy Americans finally acquiring a lot more gold?...

Jul 26 How would you invest money you didn't need for ten years? Michael J. Kosares
To become "resilient whatever happens" requires acting before, not after, the next financial crisis headlines the evening news. Many now reject the old financial religion that diversification amounts to the proper blend of stocks and bonds and little else. That formulation was acceptable when the money was sound and the federal government had not buried itself under a $19 trillion pile of debt. It held sway when confidence was running high and considerably more of the population than 17% were satisfied with the direction of the country (a polling number recently reported by Gallup). Now investors are looking to add safety and liquidity to their portfolios to augment the pursuit of capital gain...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Jul 26 The Bolshevik Elites Hold their Coronation of Clinton SARTRE
Remember dear children, your indoctrination programming never taught you that international finance funded and put the Bolshevik’s into power. If you do not understand or are unwilling to acknowledge that the ascendency of Marxist totalitarianism was the invention of the Banksters establishment, you are sorely deficient in your education. Well, the excuses are no longer available to deny the indisputable. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are wholly owned tools of the Wall Street and Global Corporatists. The charade of claiming Progressivism while dedicated to the enslavement of crony Globalism is an insult to the millions of confused and intellectually challenged “true believers”...

Jul 26 James Turk Issues Warning About Action In Gold & Silver Markets KWN
It’s worth noting that there is a huge open interest in options with a $1,300 strike price, so that is the obvious target. The shorts and the central planners will no doubt do what they can to pressure the gold price toward $1,300, or perhaps even under that level if they can get away with it. If they do, the calls at that $1,300 price end up worthless by expiring out of the money. We saw some of that downside pressure earlier today in Asia and Europe, though the metals later bounced back a bit off the lows of the day...


Jul 25 Gold And Silver – Debt Addiction Will Carry PMs Higher, Guaranteed EdgeTraderPlus
The world is addicted to debt in the same way an addict is addicted to crack. Like any addict, none are willing to admit they have a problem, they can stop at any time is the pat response. It never happens. Their situation gets worse. People, today, are scared. They do not know how to escape from the globalist’s designed yolk of debt that becomes overly burdensome, even inescapable. The answer? Stop! Stop using! People see addicts as losers who made the wrong choices. They do not see themselves as mirror debt-using addicts who require their debt fix or lose control. As with drug addicts, stopping is not easy. The same is true of debt addicts...

Jul 25 Large investors become major buyers of Bitcoin Chris Vermeulen
The world has woken up to the fact that the Central Banks are a curse, rather than a boom to the global economies, and their time left is slowly coming to an end because of new technologies and currencies I talked about last week. People are starting to park their money in digital currencies, like Bitcoin, rather than parking them in fiat currencies. This is primarily due to the Negative Interest Rate Policy as well as Zero Interest Rate Policy of the Central Banks, which explains the sharp rise in the price of Bitcoin, this year as seen in the chart below...

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

Jul 25 The Serious Warning No One’s Talking About Justin Spittler
On Tuesday, a huge event happened in the investing world. But if you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t even heard about it. The mainstream media didn’t discuss this event much. It was too busy pointing out that the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average have hit new all-time highs. Meanwhile, something much bigger was happening on the other side of the world. Today, we’ll tell you what this event was…and why it means big trouble is likely on the way for investors...

Jul 25 Gold's Correction: Key Technical Highlights Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): Gold & Silver Bullion Video Analysis; Precious Metal ETFs Video Analysis; SF60 Key Trades Video Analysis; SF Trader Time Key Trades Video Analysis...

Jul 25 Gold Price Closed at 1323.10 Down $7.40 or -0.6% Franklin Sanders
'Twas a laborious, toilsome week for silver & gold. Gold ended the week little damaged, but silver lost 2.3%. Platinum couldn't break higher & ended only a tadge lower while palladium surged 5.6%. Stocks kept eking out gains, but not enthusiastically. US dollar index finally added a bit of fat, but only today. I won't dwell on it, but y'all had better be paying attention to the banking mess in Europe. The banks are busted, and only because they are banks are they still standing, propped up by government. More: criminal kamikaze-Keynesian central bankers have blown up the greatest bubble in world history in government bonds. Count on it: there will be a default...

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Jul 22 A Timeline For The Next Rally In Gold Turd Ferguson
Jul 22 Subprime U.S. Economy: Disintegrating Due To Subprime Energy & Debt SRSrocco
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Jul 21
Forex: "The Markets Are Getting Exciting!" EWI
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Jul 21 Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part Of The Deception? Paul Craig Roberts
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Jul 19 Keep an eye on ‘Bitcoin’ as the next ‘financial crisis’ starts! Chris Vermeulen
Jul 19 More Evidence The Fed Is Losing Control Of Gold And Silver Dave Kranzler
Jul 19 The Greatest Lie Ever Told Ted Butler
Jul 19 This Weeks Market Forecast – SPX, Oil, Gold & Bonds Chris Vermeulen
Jul 18
NWO-Created Tragedies Will Never End. Seek Truth Edge Trader Plus
Jul 18 Critical Silver Turning Point & U.S. Economic Crisis...SRSrocco
Jul 18 Gold And Gold Stocks Overbought…What To Expect Chris Vermeulen
Jul 18 Gold: The Battle For $1392 Intensifies Morris Hubbartt



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