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Jun 28 This Will Push The Gold Market Over The Edge SRSrocco
This could be the year that the mainstream investor finally pushes the gold market over the edge. While a fraction of investors continue to acquire a lot of physical gold, the mainstream investor is the key to driving the gold market and price going forward. Why? Because the diehard precious metal investors don’t have the sort of leverage as do the mainstream investors, which account for 99% of the market. I have stated several times in articles and interviews that it will be the surge of gold buying by the mainstream investor that will finally overwhelm the gold market...

Jun 28 Brexit: The Stalling-and-Maneuvering Begins Jeff Nielson possibility is that the pro-Brexit vote will be used by the oligarchs as their “trigger” for the Next Crash. Certainly they have paved the way for such a script. The Chicken Littles have spent weeks “warning us” that a pro-Brexit vote would cause the sky to fall, and then the convicted market-manipulators of the Big Banks go to work torpedoing markets which were already over-ripe for a crash. However, this is just one of many possible, post-vote permutations. All that can be said with certainty at present is that the stalling tactics will continue, while the rest of the Script plays out before our eyes. In this respect, the political puppets urging that the process be slowed down are not just inside the UK. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also proclaimed that she sees no rush to honour the will of the UK people...

Jun 28 James Turk – Global Market Turmoil Continues... KWN
Let’s watch to see what the market tells us over the coming days and weeks because right now, everything is suggesting higher inflation. And if the system is not stabilized by taking the correct steps to undue the growing imbalances, hyperinflation of national currencies remains a real risk. No one can predict when that tipping point will arrive. But with all the currency sloshing around plus the new additions from central banks on Friday, we are headed in that direction. It’s no wonder that gold and silver are having their best year since they reached those dramatic peaks in 2011, which is where the price of gold and silver are headed once again — back to all-time highs...


Jun 27 Elites and Markets Roiled As Britain Rids Itself of the Parasites Clive Maund
...we should not be upset that markets are plunging because of the UK Brexit, as the ruling classes throw a tantrum. So what if markets crash now? – that was slated to happen at some point anyway, after years of fiscal abuse, so why not get it over with? Most of the predictions made before the Brexit vote in The Brexit Vote and the Markets have turned out to be correct, with the dollar and dollar bull ETFs soaring and commodities like oil dropping hard and stockmarkets plunging. The major exceptions are gold and silver, which is surprising given the huge rise in the dollar and gold’s extreme COT structure. However, it’s early days yet, and if we now see a full blown market crash, the dollar could end up as “the only man left standing”...

Jun 27 Onward Toward Bullion Bank Collapse TF Metals Report
In the end, what's the point of this post? First and foremost, it's simply the latest installment of our efforts to shine the light of truth upon the incredible fraud and sham that is the current paper derivative pricing scheme. The Comex-derived price is not at all related to the price/value of true physical gold. Rather, the price discovered on Comex is simply the price of the derivative, itself, with the price of this derivative determined by changes of supply and demand of the derivative. Barely any physical metal ever exchanges hands on Comex so it is entirely inaccurate to say that the price discovered there has any connection at all to the underlying physical.

Technical Trading Mastery for Traders & Investors
How To Win With Simplicity - Written for both traders and investors, this book explores tools and techniques needed to profit in today’s competitive markets.

Jun 27 Gold And Silver: Security, And BREXIT Edge Trader Plus
The United States was effectively on a silver standard until 1834, thereafter, it was on the gold standard until 1914, with the exception of the Greenback era (1862- 1879). No other countries have been on a gold standard for so long and, not coincidentally, no others have been so relatively prosperous as these two were during their gold standard eras. The same can be said of Britain when it was on a gold standard for almost 200 years, starting in the early 1700s. Gold and silver were supreme money during those times. Everyone who had them also had financial security. Those who had little or none were still beneficiaries of security because that is what the prevailing sense was at the time..

Jun 27 Is Silver After Bitcoin–The Next Chinese Momentum Play? SRSrocco
Given its impossible to curb bitcoin trading, and with limited bitcoin supply, I would not be surprised at all if Bitcoin approach US$1,000+/BTC in the near term. Curiously, if a crypto-currency without intrinsic value can muster such popularity, why not speculate on gold and silver? Particularly silver, as it stands out as a “poor man’s gold”, ideal for action seeking, trigger-happy Chinese investors. Indeed, open interest in silver on the Shanghai Futures Exchange has been steadily increasing this year, with open interest now roughly equal and equivalent in size to that of COMEX...

 Stock & ETF Trading Signals

Jun 27 Brexit Blastoff For Gold? Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): Gold & Silver Bullion Video Analysis; US Bonds, Dollar, & Stock Market Video Analysis; Precious Metal ETFs Video Analysis; SF60 & SFT Swing Trades Video Analysis; SF Juniors Key Stocks Video Analysis...

Jun 27 Gold Price Closed at $1320 Up $58.80 or 4.7% Franklin Sanders
If y'all are planning a European vacation, I reckon it'll be a lot cheaper than last week. British voted 52 to 48% to leave the European union, with a 71.8% turn out, highest since the 1992 general election. It was a fist in the eye followed by a Bowie knife to the gut for the globalist Elite, topped off by a kick to the head. Markets roiled & boiled. Don't confuse a trigger with a cause. The Leave vote wasn't the cause markets came apart, only a trigger for shells already loaded, politically & economically. Never did the smug Elitist politicians expect the scruffy, unwashed people really to exercise their "democracy" and vote against the Elite. This ain't over by a long shot, & forecasts bad things for Hillary Clinton's job security...

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Jun 20 The Jaw-Dropping Roadmap To $10,000 Gold And $500 Silver KWN
Jun 20 Gold: The Battle For $1307 Morris Hubbartt
Jun 20 We Will Never Again See Gold Prices Below $1,201.50 Franklin Sanders



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