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Doug Casey’s Big Warning To America From His Secluded 1,235 Acre Farm
“This is a very bad situation. The U.S. is digging itself in deeper and deeper.”
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Oct 8 The Gold Price Rose $2.20 or 0.19 Percent Today Closing at $1,149.00 Franklin Sanders
I expect SILVER or GOLD PRICES to take a breather here somewhere, but who am I to stand in the way of a rally? Silver gained 10.9 cents (0.7%) to $16.088 (above $16.00!) while the gold price added $2.20 to $1,149.00. Clearly silver and GOLD PRICES are slowing here, and the price of gold is laboring to burst through $1,150. Remember yesterday the price of gold closed above its downtrend line from January? It did today, too, although 'twas lower at day's end. Either the gold price must pierce $1,150 or fall back for rest and another try. SILVER closed today above its 200 day moving average for the first time since May...

Oct 8 Faith in Central Banks Dwindles Pater Tenebrarum
As anyone who hasn’t been in a coma knows, assorted central bank interventions have failed to achieve their stated goals over the past several years. A recent article at Bloomberg focuses on their failure to reach their “inflation” targets. Of course, this particular failure is actually reason to celebrate, as it means that consumers have at least been spared an even sharper decline in their real incomes than has been underway in spite of relatively tepid increases in consumer prices (whereby it should always be kept in mind that whether or not such price increases are considered “tepid” depends on on the composition of the basket of goods and services relevant to each individual)...

Oct 8 How the Chinese Will Establish a New Financial Order Porter Stansberry
 For many years now, it’s been clear that China would soon be pull­ing the strings in the U.S. financial system. In 2015, the American people owe the Chinese government nearly $1.5 trillion. I know big numbers don’t mean much to most people, but keep in mind… this tab is now hundreds of billions of dollars more than what the U.S. government collects in ALL income taxes (both cor­porate and individual) each year. It’s basically a sum we can never, ever hope to repay – at least, not by normal means. Of course, the Chinese aren’t stupid. They realize we are both trapped...


Oct 7 Silver Price is Loose and Out of Her Cage and Raging! Franklin Sanders
The GOLD PRICE took another run at that door today and busted it plumb down joining the party, shooting up today $8.70 or 0.76% to $1,146.80. The SILVER PRICE jumped another 27.7c or 1.76%, relentlessly to $15.979. This silver and GOLD PRICE party is heating up, I'm telling y'all. Better listen up. GOLD/SILVER RATIO today sank to 71.769, way below that uptrend line from July 14. It's breaking DOWN, which means silver and gold will move UP....

Oct 7 The Derivatives Market: Bets, Bookies, and Fraud Jeff Nielson
How corrupt, illegal, and utterly irredeemable is the fraudulent casino which the banksters call “the derivatives market”? When these criminals actually manage to lose on their own gambling (despite rigging these markets, themselves), they simply refuse to pay. In the real world, any casino (legal or otherwise) which refused to pay when the “house” lost would quickly be driven out of business – one way or another. But we don’t live in the real world. Almost all of us live in the Wonderland Matrix: a magical realm where “bookies” are allowed to place bets in their own book-making operations, there are no laws, and nothing ever has to make sense...


Oct 7 A Liquidity Crisis Hit The Banking System In September Dave Kranzler
Something occurred in the banking system in September that required a massive reverse repo operation in order to force the largest ever Treasury collateral injection into the repo market. Ordinarily the Fed might engage in routine reverse repos as a means of managing the Fed funds rate. However, as you can see from the graph below, there have been sudden spikes up in the amount of reverse repos that tend to correspond the some kind of crisis – the obvious one being the de facto collapse of the financial system in 2008...

Oct 7 Coming Soon QE 4 James Hall
As the world economy falters and sinks into the abyss of fiscal deflation, the banksters need a new game plan to rescue their debt created monetary system. Notwithstanding, the Federal Reserve would be hard pressed to introduce negative interest rates in the United States as has been tried and tested abroad. Maybe under circumstances of a total meltdown such desperate measures would be forced upon the public, but as conditions presently exist, another dose of quantitative easing is more likely....

  5 Worrisome Signs

Oct 6 The Silver Market Disconnect Continues: 2 Must See Charts SRSrocco data released by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) confirms my forecast that the situation in the silver market continues to detach itself from normal supply demand dynamics. Thus, normal trends in the silver market are being disrupted by this present surge of physical silver investment demand. For example, the United States continues to import a record amount of silver even though leading indicators in the financial industry show a drop in economic growth. I have been publishing articles showing the recent surge of U.S silver bullion imports, and according to the recent data by the USGS, this trend continued in July...

Oct 6 Governments boost their coffers and hold down interest rates Chris Vermeulen
Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said the government will run out of money to pay its bills sooner than previously thought around November 5, 2015. Lacking sufficient cash, it would be impossible for the United States of America to meet all of its obligations for the first time in our history. Again, another year, to increase the USA debt limit by the government. Will monetary and fiscal policy ever return to “sanity”? Will the political leaders ever become brave enough to quit spending more of the taxpayer’s monies than they bring in without fear of losing elections? Will Americans ever elect someone who doesn’t just promise them more and more “stuff,” and who will...


Oct 6 Bernanke Lied And Should Be In Jail Too Dave Kranzler
I love how these ex-Fed Chairmen admit the truth several years after the fact. Recall that Greenspan gave a famous speech about the not being able to see financial bubbles until after they occur just before the internet/tech stock bubble popped. And Bernanke stated in the 2005-2006 timeframe that there was not a housing bubble and that the economy was fine. Of course, that was just before the housing market crashed hard and the economy dropped into the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression. Now all of a sudden Benanke seems to have found “religion” about the criminality of bankers...

Oct 6 Escalating Syrian War Has Sent Gold Prices Higher But Silver Is Leading KWN
There have been news reports that Russia is considering a naval blockade of Syria, which would obviously escalate already heightened tensions in that part of the world, and perhaps even beyond. All of this of course is unfolding on top of the horrific human tragedy occurring in Syria. Hopefully reason will prevail, but I am wondering now as to what really drove precious metal prices higher on Friday?...

Oct 6 This Has Become Routine Paul Craig Roberts
In his comment on the mass shootings at the Oregon community college, President Obama said: “This has become routine.” So have police shootings of unarmed and unresisting Americans. So have numerous other undesirable and deplorable happenings, such as the foreclosure on the homes of millions of Americans, while the “banks too big to fail” are bailed out with trillions of dollars, and such as foreign policy lies that have destroyed seven countries, bringing the US and Europe millions of refugees...

Oct 5 FIAT ENDGAME - more QE, NIRP, bails-ins and Pensions Plunder... Clive Maund
Oct 5 How Come No One Will Attack The Comex Gold Short? Dave Kranzler
Oct 5 Gold And Silver – A Reality Check Edge Trader Plus
Oct 5 The Two Faces of Stock Market Volatility EWI
Oct 5 Physical Silver Demand Will Destroy Paper Rigged Markets SRSrocco
Oct 5 Key Gold Stocks Shine & Bullion Swoons Morris Hubbartt
Oct 5 Gold Price Leapt 2 Percent to $1,137.00 Franklin Sanders



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