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Jan 23 What’s in Store for the Precious Metals Sector in 2019? Dave Kranzler
The Newmont/Goldcorp merger is the second mega-deal in the industry after Barrick acquired RandGold in September. Without question, the two deals reflect the growing need for large gold and silver mining companies to replace reserves, which are being depleted at these two companies more quickly than they are being replenished. The deal will give Newmont access to Goldcorp’s portfolio of developing and exploration projects acquired by Goldcorp over the last several years. While this deal and the Barrick/Randgold deal will help cover-up the managerial, operational and financial warts on Barrick and Newmont, it will also likely...

Jan 23 Gold’s Profound Breakdown. And Something Much More Important Radomski
...the bearish outlook for the following weeks has been confirmed by multiple factors, i.a. silver’s extreme outperformance and miners’ underperformance, gold’s performance link with the general stock market, gold getting Cramerized, and many more, but the above are now confirmed by also short-term signals. The USD Index broke above the short-term support line, gold broke below the triangle pattern and silver’s decline is gaining momentum. This all tells us that more weakness in the PM market is just around the corner. The number of signals confirming the above and the profit potential of this situation are enormous...


Jan 23 Gold: Is The Correction Over? Stewart Thomson
8.) While senior citizens in the Western gold community may long for what is essentially a remake of the 1970s fear trade oriented gold market, today’s gold market is mainly about the rise of gold as a respected asset class. That’s being created by the ongoing rise of China and India as economic titans. 9.) Today’s Western fear trade for gold is more like icing on that cake than the centre stage price driver that it was in the 1970s. 10.) In a nutshell, a “goldaholic army” of three billion Chindian citizens is becoming wealthier at a very fast pace. That’s creating annual gold demand growth of 6%-8% that is essentially relentless. Mine supply can’t seem to grow more than 2%...

Jan 23 The Power of Gold Diversification Michael J. Kosares
As a member of the British parliament in 1999, Sir Peter Tapsell, who passed away this past August, argued vigorously to keep the government from selling off over half of the country’s gold reserves. Previously, in the 1980s, Tapsell had managed a gold bullion fund, “valued at many hundreds of millions of dollars for the Sultan of Brunei, Sir Omar Saifuddin” – at the time one of the single largest private gold hoards on Earth. Though his argument before the House of Commons failed to stop the sales, it goes down as one of the most eloquent appeals ever made on the merits of gold ownership for nation states and individuals alike...

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Jan 22 The Silver Price & Broader Markets: How Will They Trade This Week? SRSRocco
If my analysis is correct, then I do believe the silver price will push above the 12 MMA by the end of January and then start trading above it in February as it continues up to the convergence of the three moving averages (25, 50 & 200 MMA), at the $16.40 range. Lastly, due to the Federal Government shut down, we haven’t had an update of the COT Report for a month now. So, we have no idea the level of Commercial Short positions. However, I do believe the Commercials liquidated some short positions as the silver price has fallen over the past two weeks. If we look at the Sentiment Trader Silver Optix, or sentiment chart, we can see that sentiment is still heading lower, but will probably bottom soon and move back higher with the price...

Jan 22 Unprecedented Manipulation and Trading the Precious Metals Ratios Dave Kranzler
Anyone who denies that Governments and Central Banks manipulate the gold and silver markets using paper derivatives and deceptive physical metal custodial operations is ignorant of history and facts. Currently the gold and silver price capping is as oppressive as I’ve witnessed in 18 years. As of Tuesday, January 15th, the open interest in gold had soared by 89,120 contracts to 501,605. 89,120 contracts is 8.9 million ozs of paper gold, or 278.5 tons – about 30 tons more than the amount of gold produced by mines in the U.S. in one year. But artificial market intervention creates information inefficiencies. This in turn generates exploitable profit opportunities for traders who know how to identify the set-ups from official manipulation...


Jan 22 The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse and the Markets... Clive Maund
As you will be aware we had expected the rally in the broad US stockmarkets to be snuffed out by heavy resistance some days back, but it wasn't and the market has continued to advance, as we can see on the latest 2-month chart for the S&P500 index shown below. However, a very important point to observe is that it has not broken out upside from the bearish Rising Wedge, and remains within its confines, and this Wedge continues to portend a reversal and sharp drop soon. We were in error defining the lower boundary of this Wedge and thought it had broken down from it, but it hadn't, not quite...

Jan 22 A Government of Socialists SARTRE
Brace for the most bizarre government that Congress has ever seen in your lifetime. The Democrats installed a band of untested novices bent on adopting a socialist utopia. The House of Representatives has become a chamber of horrors that only libtard groupies could embrace and the Senate reflects the bluest of blue from metropolis and the coastal cultures. The gangland underworld families that make up the Deep State and are controlled by the Shadow Government elites have shifted tactics for electing the next generation of Federal legislators. Idealistic "True Believers" who advocate Democrat Socialism are unable to reach valid conclusions. It is one thing to seek social improvement and quite a different fantasy that wants to save the world...

Jan 22 Gold Stocks Remain in a Downtrend Jordan Roy-Byrne
Last week we discussed the difference between a rally and bull market. Gold stocks have been in a rally. That rally is now over as gold stocks peaked at their 400-day moving averages days ago and sliced through their 200-day moving averages Friday. Take a look at the charts of any gold stock index (GDX, GDXJ, HUI) and it’s clear they are in a downtrend. Go back two to three years. You’ll see lower highs and lower lows. That’s a downtrend! Until that changes, we have to respect that. The change will come when the market knows the Fed is done hiking and anticipates the start of rate cuts...

Jan 22 Weekend Newsletter 1/20/2019 GoldPredict
Big picture time for gold. It’s easy to get lost in the daily and weekly gyrations and lose sight of the broader perspective. Gold enjoyed a healthy uptrend for over a decade before peaking in 2011 and entering a bear market. Prices began a sideways chop starting in 2013, and trading has been difficult. Though it has been challenging, I believe investors will be rewarded if they can hang in there a bit longer. The multi-year base should yield a breakout in 2019 or 2020. Rallying above the $1370 – $1400 level will signal the beginning of the next multi-year advance. If I had to guess, I’d probably choose...

Jan 21 Will China Surprise The Us Stock Market? Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Not In The Business To Make Money, But To Take Money SRSrocco
Jan 21 Pay Attention To The Russell and Financial Sectors Chris Vermeulen
Jan 21 Gold, Silver, Miners—Get Ready to BTFD David Brady
Jan 21 Gold Stocks: Key Buy & Sell Zones Morris Hubbartt



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