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Free Ebook: Stack Silver Get Gold

As part of the Get to the Point CERTIFIED book series, Stack Silver Get Gold is a short, no frills, straight to the point book that contains everything you need to know to safely start investing in gold and silver today. You’ll find no pictures, no pretty artwork and no fluff. By reading this book, you’re getting kind of a gold and silver investing 101 that contains all my best knowledge I've learned through actually investing in gold and silver for more than a decade. And I’m showing you how in the shortest amount of pages possible. If that scares you, or if you’d rather read a book that rambles on for 300 pages, return this book now.

My name is Hunter Riley; I spent seven years in the futures pits on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and have been investing in silver and gold for the last eleven years. You've probably realized, like I have, that investing in gold and silver is a smart thing to do. If you would like more information on the exact reasons as to why you should invest in gold and silver, please see the "Which Do You Like Better, Gold or Silver?" question towards at the end of this book. 

I mainly wrote this book to show you how to invest in gold and silver bullion without getting ripped off. As gold and silver investing becomes more popular, more and more dealers and con artists are going to try to take advantage and rip you off. There's so much nonsense out there, but gold and silver investing isn’t really that difficult or complicated. This book is set up in simple question and answer format. At the end, you’ll find your bonus resource directory. This will give you all the websites, books and services you’ll ever need for silver and gold investing. 

Now before we begin, I’d like to tell you the powerful analogy that originally got me to open my eyes and start investing in gold and silver. This is one of the very few times I discuss they “why” part of gold and silver investing in this book. I’m not telling this analogy to persuade you, I’m telling you this analogy so that you can use it to persuade people you care about to start investing in gold and silver.

Inflation is the devaluation of money. Here’s how it works. Imagine you have a mint condition, Babe Ruth rookie baseball card and you are about to sell it at auction for $100,000. Before you are about to sell it, some guy figures out a way to make exact copies of your Babe Ruth card, the copies are so good that you can’t tell the difference between your original card and one of the copies. He then takes one million of the copies and throws them up in the air so that they all land on the auction table, right on top of your original Babe Ruth card. Now there is no way to tell which card was your original card. There are millions of cards that are exactly the same! 

Do you think you could still sell one of the cards for $100,000? No way in hell! Now that there are millions of these cards you will be lucky to get a fraction of what your card was originally worth. This is exactly what is going to happen to the dollar if the Federal Reserve keeps printing money! The dollar is just like the original Babe Ruth card in our example and I believe it will eventually lose its standing as the world’s reserve currency and after that, eventually become worthless if they keep printing more and more money. In fact, the dollar almost is worthless historically. The dollar has lost 95% of its original value since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913! 

If you save your money in dollars, you are slowly but surely losing them. One way to save yourself is to start converting some of your dollars into silver and gold. Silver and gold go up with inflation and unstable economies because they're considered real money, silver and gold are the only currencies governments can’t print!  

As of this writing, the United States is printing more money than the world has ever known. If you study history, you'll find that governments print money until it becomes worthless. Every single fiat or paper currency ever created in the history of the world has eventually gone to zero and become worthless. When that happens there is a huge transfer of wealth from the people with the paper money to the people with the real money, gold and silver. Which one do you want to be?

You now have all the information you’ll need to buy real gold and silver.

Let’s get into it……

Hunter Riley
Chicago, IL
October 2012


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