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Jul 18 Longer-Term Charts Show Incredible Potential Chris Vermeulen
Our weekend analysis of the markets continues to amaze our research team simply because we see so many other researchers continue to miss the signals. We’ve been calling this market bottom since the middle of February 2018 and we have stuck to our analysis even though we’ve taken some flack from others about it. Now, with earnings nearly upon us and the markets poised to either breakout higher or rotate lower, our longer-term analysis shows the markets are in pretty good shape for a continued upside rally. This week, there are 214 companies reporting earnings data. Next week, there are 781 companies reporting earnings data. The following week, another 1003 companies release earnings data. Combined, we are going to have...

Jul 18 What’s Going on With Gold? Dave Kranzler
Several of us who stick our neck out in public with analytic opinions on the market have been thinking that gold has reached a tradable bottom. I’m sure many would say that view is flawed based on today’s action. Let me preface my thoughts by saying that, over the last 17 years of daily active involvement in the precious metals sector, I don’t pull my hair out over intra-day or even intra-year volatility. Measured from the beginning of 2002, gold is up 441% while the S&P 500 is up 158%. The point here is that, given how easy it is to print up paper gold contracts and flood the market, the price of gold can do anything on any given day. If you want to own gold for the reasons to own gold, you have be play the long game. The mining stocks do not seem to care about the day-to-day vagaries of the gold price right now. You shouldn’t either...

Jul 18 Gold: Global Currency Or Ultimate Asset? Stewart Thomson
1.) The world’s greatest asset is on sale. In China, India, and the Western gold community, shoppers are happily placing small amounts of “golden groceries” into their shopping carts each week, and enjoying the price sale. 3.) From a technical perspective, this chart is magnificent. The left shouldering process took about eighteen months, and the right shouldering process has just reached the same eighteen months of time. 4.) The pattern itself is an inverse head & shoulders bull continuation pattern. From a price perspective, perfect symmetry would be created if gold traded at $1180 during the next few months, before surging above the $1400 neckline area and up towards the $1750 target zone...


Jul 18 India Soaks Up Physical Silver Supply Craig Hemke
Let's cut to the chase. While the price of COMEX Digital Silver is being pounded lower in 2018, demand for actual physical silver in India is soaring. On Louis' chart below, note that the all-time peak in Indian silver demand came in 2015... when the price of COMEX Digital Silver bottomed below $14 and then began a 50% rally to $21 by mid-2016. In fact, the month of April 2018 alone saw India import 902 metric tonnes, the highest one-month total since December of 2015. And it's important to understand the chart above in context. The 2,889 metric tonnes imported in 2018 is only through April. That's just 1/3 of the year, so to determine an annual run rate we need to multiply that 2,889 number by three. Thus, if current Indian demand continues at this pace for the rest of the year, total Indian demand will reach 8,667 metric tonnes for 2018, exceeding the previous high of 8,529 metric tonnes in 2015...

Jul 18 Gold and Silver Investors’ 8 Commandments for Avoiding Rip Offs Stefan Gleason
For every promising investment opportunity you come across, there are multiple opportunities for bad-faith brokers and hucksters to try to rip you off. It could be undisclosed commissions and fees in an annuity, unwanted accounts opened up by a banker seeking additional fees, trades sabotaged by market manipulators, or any number of other schemes. Rip-off artists, unfortunately, operate within the precious metals space as well. Most recently, a scammer posing as a government agent in order to gain people’s trust was convicted of selling counterfeit gold bars and phony Morgan silver dollars. He took one investor for $11,000, according to reports. You can avoid this type of scam as well as other common cheats when buying or selling precious by heeding the following guidelines...

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Jul 17 Crude Oil May Not Find Support Above $60 This Time Chris Vermeulen
Crude Oil has been a major play for some traders over the past few months. With price, rotation ranges near $5~$7 and upside pressure driving a price assent from below $45 to nearly $75 peaks. This upside price move has been tremendous. Over the past few weeks, many things have changed in the fundamentals of the Oil market. Supply continues to outpace demand, trade tariffs and slowing global economies are now starting to become real concerns, foreign suppliers have continued to increase production, US Dollar continues to strengthen and social/political unrest is starting to become more evident in many foreign nations...

Jul 17 Extreme Oil Price Volatility: Bad Sign That All Is Not Well In The Markets SRSrocco
The markets are in serious trouble as the extreme oil price volatility continues to devastate the global economy. Investors and analysts today are totally clueless because they have become the frogs burnt to a crisp in the frying pan. Over the past several decades, the oil price has fluctuated tremendously, much like the EKG of an individual whose vital signs have run amuck. Unfortunately, no seems to notice, and no one seems to care (George Carlin). However, the market and traders have grown accustomed to the volatile trading insanity as the oil price rises and falls 3-5% in a day. Today, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude oil price has been down more than 4%...

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Jul 17 Back to Basics with Exter’s Pyramid Bill Holter
It is obviously time to go back to basics. I say this based on the emails we’ve received this week which ranged from tears to tirades regarding gold and silver price action. While speaking with a friend a few months back (during a period of price weakness), I said tongue in cheek that I should write an article titled “We are not your psychoanalysts”! The amount of fear was and is astonishing to me. We have tried to demonstrate with math, logic and history what the ending is. The problem for most is, even if the ending is understood they “want it and they want it now”! So, in an effort to help the panicked or despondent, let’s go back to the very basics...

Jul 17 How Crazy It Is to Short Gold with RSI Close to 30 Przemyslaw Radomski
Aiming to make money on gold price’s decline is always controversial. The long-term fundamentals remain favorable and gold and silver are likely to exceed their previous highs in the coming years. True, but that doesn’t mean that both metals can’t move even lower in the next several weeks or even months. Different factors govern more short-term-oriented trades as markets are emotional, not logical in the near term. One of the popular techniques that is used to detect good entry and exit prices for gold is the RSI indicator and the most popular way to use it is to buy when RSI moves to 30 and sell when RSI reaches 70. Yet, sometimes it’s a good idea to keep shorting gold even with RSI close to 30. In today’s articles we’ll explain why this is the case...


Jul 16 Emerging Markets Could Be Starting A Relief Rally Chris Vermeulen
Over the past 4+ months, many emerging markets have come under pressure as the global markets were roiled by the sudden and relatively deep market retracement in early February. For many, this downward price trend has been frightening and somewhat disastrous. Recently, though, something new appears to be on the horizon that may be the early signs of renewed life for many Latin American, South American and Indian markets – early signs of support and a potential bottom formation in the works....

Jul 16 US Equities Set For Further Advances As Q2 Earnings Start Chris Vermeulen
The upside price moves recently in the US Equities markets have been dramatic. While many people believe the US Equity markets are overvalued and setting up for a top, we believe just the opposite – that the US Equity market and strong US Dollar are attracting capital and investment from numerous internal and external sources. We also believe the Q2 2018 earnings season, which is just about to begin, could be an additional driving force for further price advances – with big upside moves ahead...

Jul 16 Stock Market Ignores Escalating Trade War & Spent US Consumer Dave Kranzler
Consumer sentiment has been trending lower off a recent peak. While the media puppets explain that trade war headlines are weighting consumers expectation, in truth consumer sentiment is falling because the average household is suffocating from the crushing weight of debt and a diminished ability to service that debt because real disposable income is declining. In most areas, home prices are falling. In fact, the home buying sentiment component of the U of Michigan sentiment survey is at its lowest level since 2008. In this episode of WTF Just Happened?, we discuss these issues plus whether or not gold is forming a tradable bottom here...

Jul 16 What Happens When You Use Corporate Earnings to Pick Trades EWI
According to a June 26 Fortune Magazine article, New York-based bio tech company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is one of the "100 Best Places for Millennials to Work" in the world. Shares one of Regeneron's employees: The thing I love about working at Regeneron is that when they say data is king, they mean it. Our work and projects are always changing based on what the data shows us. We hear the same expression bandied about Wall Street; data is king to determining a market's price trend, with the long-reigning monarch of that data being earnings reports. All hail earnings reports? Not so fast!...

Jul 16 U.S. Energy Independence? SRSrocco
How is the U.S. is becoming “Energy Independent,” if we are still importing almost 8 million barrels per day of oil?? While the Mainstream media and the Whitehouse continue with the energy independent mantra, the U.S. is still highly reliant upon a great deal of foreign oil. And, why would the U.S. import 8 million barrels of oil per day if its shale oil production has surged over the past decade? Well, it’s quite simple. The U.S. Shale Oil Industry is producing way too much light tight oil, with a high API Gravity, for our refineries that are designed for a lower grade. So, as U.S. shale oil production exploded, the industry was forced to export a great deal more of this light oil overseas...

Jul 16 Gold Standard Requirements and Currency Crisis Jim Willie
The Global Financial RESET has already begun. Many are the faces of the reset, especially with non-USDollar platforms. Two key events lie on the imminent horizon which will release the Gold price. A trusted superior reliable source has indicated that two key events are imminent. The Jackass guesses 1) the Deutsche Bank failure with Italian banking system collapse AND 2) the Gold Trade Note introduction with Chinese RMB interchangeability. Expect the Chinese Govt short-term bill to possibly be equivalent to the Gold Trade Note during an interim period, like for a caretaker role in transition. It will be used on oil payments. Expect the banking systems of Germany, France, and Italy all to enter a grand crisis...

Jul 16 Gold-Stock Summer Lows Adam Hamilton
The gold miners’ stocks have been drifting sideways to lower like usual in their summer doldrums. They are likely near their major seasonal lows ahead of a strong autumn rally, a great buying opportunity. Gold rebounding higher will be the primary driver fueling the gold-stock advance, dispelling today’s bearish psychology. And strong Q2 production growth will likely play a sizable role in restoring favorable sentiment. Market summers have long been gold’s weakest time of the year seasonally. Junes and early Julies in particular are simply devoid of the big recurring demand spikes seen during most of the rest of the year...

Jul 16 Mining Stocks: Key Tactics For Investors Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts & Video Update; SF60 Key Charts & Video Update; SF Juniors Key Charts & Video Analysis; SF Trader Time Key Charts & Video Analysis...



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