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Nov 12 Global GDP Still Propped up by a Massive Amount of Debt SRSRocco
While the government agencies and economists continue to publish strong GDP figures, they seem to overlook how much debt it took to produce that growth. Or should I say, the “supposed growth.” The days of adding one dollar of debt to get one dollar of GDP growth have been long gone for more than 40 years. And, as global debt has increased, it has forced governments to lower interest rates. Yes, it’s really that simple. I get a good chuckle when I hear analysts talk about rising interest rates to 10-15%. If the U.S. Government interest rate on the Treasury Bonds increased to just 5%, Uncle Sam would be paying over a trillion dollars a year just to service the debt. So, no… we aren’t going to see 10-15% rates again...

Nov 12 Focus Long-Term, Don’t Wait for Possible Lower Lows Ahead David Brady
It is difficult to provide an update on something that hasn’t moved in months. Other than a spike higher on October 11, Gold has basically done nothing in the past three months. The current range remains 1214-1251. Many investors in the precious metals space have become extremely bullish recently, given the rally from 1167. But there is little reason for it, in my opinion. Nothing that drove the decline from 1369 has changed. So rather than focus on daily moves within the current range, let’s focus on the factors that could break us out of this range....


Nov 12 5 Things That Precede Major Bottoms in Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne
Over the past 60 years, gold stocks have often bottomed almost immediately after the peak in the Fed Funds rate (FFR). In 10 of 12 rate cut cycles, gold stocks bottomed a median of one month and an average of two months after the peak in the FFR. The average gain of gold stocks following that low was 185%. There are also points where the gold stocks declined during a period of rate cuts or no Fed activity. Bottoms then were sometimes followed by the start of Fed hikes. However, given the current conditions, we are quite confident that gold stocks will bottom immediately after the Fed’s final rate hike. Now you know what to look for to signal that a major bottom is imminent...

Nov 12 Paramount Gold: An Undervalued Advanced-Stage Junior Gold Stock Dave Kranzler
Paramount Gold (PZG) owns a 100% interest in the Grassy Mountain Gold Project in eastern Oregon and a 100% interest in the Sleeper Gold Project in northern Nevada. PZG acquired Grassy Mountain (GM) in July 2016 via the acquisition of Calico Resources for $15 million in PZG shares. GM has a total resource of 1.65 million ozs of gold (mostly measured) and 4.96 million ozs of silver. Of this, 504k ozs of the gold is underground with a grade of 5.32 g/tonne. The rest is 1.15 million ozs of low grade, open pit resource. PZG now controls all of the mining claims within its 10,000 acre Grassy Mountain land package. Contrary to what one might think, the State of Oregon is highly supportive of developing the mining industry in eastern Oregon...

Nov 12 Key Buy & Sell Alerts For Gold Stocks Morris Hubbart
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): SF Trader Time Key Charts, Alerts, & Video Analysis; SFS Key Charts, Alerts, & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts, Alerts, & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts, Alerts, & Video Analysis...

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Nov 8 Royal Mint Avisory Commission Chaired by a PILL-GRAM! Charles Savoie
The Royal Mint Advisory Commission is chaired by a PILL-GRAM! Baron Waldegrave is also a Rothschild confidant and named his kid after a Rothschild! He traces directly to Sir Richard Waldegrave (1338-1402 AD) a Member of Parliament from Suffolk England and Speaker of the House of Commons during the reign of King Richard II. Another in this line was Edward Waldegrave, knighted in 1517 by King Henry VIII and a Member of Parliament. William Waldegrave (1753-1825); was an Admiral and became Governor of Newfoundland Canada. The Royal Mint is part of the LBMA’s price suppression activities. Waldegrave really is a PILL-GRAM; a member of The Pilgrims Society; he’s been involved in Pharma Rx pills; and he’s involved in mispricing activities influencing mega-billions of grams of gold and silver!...

Nov 8 A Crack in the Dike? Theodore Butler
Tuesday’s announcement by the Department of Justice of a guilty plea by a former trader of JPMorgan for systemic “spoofing” and price manipulation of gold, silver, platinum and palladium traded on the COMEX and NYMEX futures exchanges (owned by the CME Group) sure seemed like a very big deal to me for a number of reasons. The infractions occurred from 2009 to 2015 and the trader admitted to engaging in a conspiracy to commit market manipulation on hundreds of occasions, with the knowledge and consent of his immediate supervisors. Please take the time to read this, as it is remarkably plainspoken...


Nov 8 US Equities Roar To Life After Elections Chris Vermeulen
Our research team is writing this message to alert all investors and traders of a pending rotation in the US stock market that may happen between now and November 15. The upside price breakout that is occurring on November 7, the day after the US mid-term elections, is an incredible display of global investor sentiment regarding the GOP success in the Senate and the continued business-friendly expectations originating out of Washington DC. The move, today, shows how clearly a global capital market shift is still engaged in the US markets and how much global investors are counting on the US to drive ROI and economic growth going forward...

Nov 8 Rallying Gold, Declining USDX, and the CoT Comments Przemyslaw Radomski
The US elections are over and since the markets were not surprised by their outcome, there was no significant reaction. It seems that the markets can now return to their previous trends. But… the USD Index is down significantly today, while gold and silver are rallying. Does it mean that the trend in the precious metals is currently up? Not necessarily. The US-elections-driven volatility could extend beyond the very initial reaction and it’s not surprising to see the move higher in the PMs and miners today and along with a move lower in the USDX. What is interesting, however, is the subtle clue that the relative changes provide. Gold and silver are practically where they were 24 hours ago, while the USD Index is considerably lower...

Nov 8 Housing Market Collapse: Gradually Then Suddenly Dave Kranzler
Zillow Group stock plunged 24% this morning after reporting Q3 numbers that missed revenue and net income estimates. In addition, the Company revised Q4 lower. ZG is down 52% after hitting hitting an all-time high of $65 in mid-June. Zillow Group is sort of a “derivative” of the housing market. It “derives” its revenues from all activities related to home sales – realtor commissions, advertising, mortgage fees, internet search traffic, flipping, investing, rentals. As such, the plight of Zillow foreshadows the plight of the entire housing market...

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