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Sep 19 Which Precious Metals are Likely to be Better Investments... SRSrocco
The question on the minds of many investors, is which of the precious metals will be better investments during the next market crash? I should know because I receive this question in my email box quite often. So, I decided to test the price action of several metals and how each traded during a large market correction. This article will focus on the top four precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Even though Rhodium and other metals are considered precious, the ones listed above take the lion’s share of the investment market. Furthermore, while platinum and palladium are purchased as investments, they have a much larger industrial component than gold or silver...

Sep 19 Trade Wars, Tariffs and The Peg Craig Hemke
With the news now behind us regarding U.S. tariffs and Chinese retaliation, the prices of many commodities were soaring on Tuesday. Many, but not all—with the exception being COMEX gold and COMEX silver. Why? In what seems to be a classic case of "sell the rumor, buy the news", most industrial commodities, grains and crude oil rallied on Tuesday in response to the announcement of reciprocal U.S. and Chinese import tariffs. Below is a snapshot taken mid-day on Tuesday...


Sep 19 Gold: A New Trade War Weapon? Stewart Thomson
4.) Tariffs are negative for the Chinese stock market and positive for the dollar. They don’t do much harm to the Chinese or American economies other than producing some mild inflation. 5.) Having said that, because China exports more to America than America does to China, China can’t win a tariffs skirmish. What China can do is restrict exports of products that America needs, like rare earth minerals. 6.) If that happened, the US government would almost certainly respond by refusing to export key electronics parts and agricultural products to China. That escalation from a skirmish to economic war would cause the US business cycle to peak pre-maturely, and the bull run in the US stock market would end....

Sep 19 Silver, Trump’s Trade War, Mining Stocks and the Fed’s Gold Dave Kranzler
With the massive net short position in both gold and silver Comex paper precious metals, offset by the historic net long position of the “commercials” (banks, mining companies, users, hedgers), numerous rumors are swirling around the precious metals market. For certain, the availability of physical gold bars in London that can be delivered to the large eastern hemisphere buyers who demand delivery is growing tight. Apparently the retail silver coin/bar market is starting to feel supply strains. Miles Franklin’s Chris Marcus invited me onto this podcast to discuss the precious metals markets, mining stocks, Trump’s Trade War and the status of the gold held in custody by the Fed on behalf of the American public...

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Analysis, insight, trades and long-term investments to dramatically
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Sep 18 Trading Model Suggests Falling Stock Prices During US Elections Chris Vermeulen
Just in time for what appears to be a potentially massive market price rotation, our researchers have put together this post to highlight what we believe will become a surprise price correction in the US Equities markets. Our team of researchers believes the correlation of our predictive modeling tools, predictive cycle tools, and other indicators are set up for what may become a massive 5~8% price rotation over the next 60 days. We were expecting this rotation to start unfolding around mid-September (now) but at this time the technical are still bullish so we are not betting against the market just yet...

Sep 18 Is the COT Report Still Valid? Theodore Butler
There can be little question that there has been a literal explosion in awareness and public commentary focusing on the Commitments of Traders (COT) Report and the analysis of silver and gold (and other markets) in accordance with futures market positioning. No doubt the interest has been generated by the reliability of the COT market structure approach over the long term, but also by the recent extreme and unprecedented massive size of the short positions of the managed money traders in gold and, particularly, in silver. The managed money short position in COMEX silver futures is now nearly 50% larger than it was at the previous record peak in April...


Sep 18 Mike Maloney: Tax-Free Metals Investing? GoldSilver Team
Imagine walking into a bank and trying to exchange two $10 bills for a $20 bill. The teller takes your money and returns $19 in bills along with a few pennies while noting the puzzled look on your face. “Sorry…taxes, you know.” You’d be outraged. What could be more ridiculous than being charged tax for exchanging US legal tender for US legal tender? Yet this is the day-in, day-out reality of purchasing US-Mint-issued gold and silver coinage with US-Fed-issued dollars. With one notable exception: Roth IRAs. Some investors are already enjoying tax-free precious metal investments via our partner, Equity Trust. Join Mike Maloney as he explores new legislation that seeks to end the pervasive, senseless, and archaic penalty on real money...

Sep 18 Gold’s Ultimate Confirmation Przemyslaw Radomski
Although it didn’t appear to be a breakdown, silver just closed the day (and week) at a new yearly low. Remember the day when silver moved briefly below $14? Ultimately, silver futures closed at $14.15 on that day, and they just closed at $14.14 on Friday. So little, yet so much. Breakdown confirmed by weekly closes is something very significant and yet, it’s not the most important thing that we will comment on in today’s analysis. The key details will come from the gold market. Let’s move right to it...

Sep 17 Global Crisis Hot Spots and Pressure Points Jim Willie
A preface is required to explain that the US Federal Reserve is responsible for every grand financial crisis in the last 30 years, dating back to the Great Depression and its supposed spurious resolution to Black Monday of 1987. Little realized is that the ’87 crash was a direct result of the impact from outsourcing US industry, whose trend began in 1984 with Intel. The lost legitimate income had a grand effect on the inflows to the US Stock Market. Of course, the newly forming Reich Economic team preferred to describe it differently. The important outcome from the cleanup was the creation of multi-$trillion bank derivatives to serve as phony foundation for the entire Western banking system. Greenspan blessed it as good and firm, but now we know it was soft and weak...

Sep 17 Reasons To Optimistic About The Precious Metals Sector Dave Kranzler
The September 7th COT report is probably the most bullish I’ve seen since the beginning of my involvement in the precious metals sector in 2001. As most of you probably know by now, the “commercial” trader category is now net long both gold and silver for the first time going back to at least 1994. The banks (“swap dealers”) net long position in both paper metals increased. Conversely the hedge fund net short increased in both. It may take a few weeks for gold to push through $1215-1220, as the hedge fund algos will be looking to attack the price until they have covered their enormous net short position. That said, it will take only one particularly surprisingly bad economic report or unexpected geopolitical event...

Sep 17 Gold-Stock Forced Capitulation Adam Hamilton
The gold miners’ stocks suffered a rare capitulation selloff over the past month or so. Selling cascaded to extremes as stop losses were sequentially triggered, battering this contrarian sector to exceedingly-low levels. While very challenging psychologically, capitulations are super-bullish. They rapidly exhaust all near-term selling potential, leaving gold stocks wildly oversold and undervalued which births major new uplegs. Capitulations are quite rare which makes them inherently unpredictable. The vast majority of selloffs end normally well before they snowball into capitulation-grade plummets. But very seldomly heavy selling just continues to intensify rather than abate like usual...

Sep 17 Gold Stocks: Morning Star Buy Signals Morris Hubbartt
Here are today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge): SFS Key Charts & Video Analysis; SF60 Key Charts & Video Analysis; SFJ Key Charts & Video Analysis...



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