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Jul 13 Alive? To See Silver Rise? Charles Savoie
Some silver/gold investors have reached their later years and wonder if they’ll live to see silver fly. I mean, it’s like Australia will be gone from the world map before silver shows bullishness. It’s the first rule of the financial world that anything, including fly swarming manure with squirming maggots, could rise in price, but NOT SILVER! That is of course raw material silver, not jewelry and silversmith silver, which gets boggling markups. It’s as if raw material silver breaks to the upside again like it did in April 2011, they won’t be able to ever manage it down again, and the price could runaway north!...

Jul 13 Is the Relative Strength in Gold Miners to Gold Significant? Jordan Roy-Byrne
It has been a tough spring and summer for precious metals. Gold failed to breakout when it had the chance and it closed the second quarter in ominous and weak fashion. It was the lowest monthly close in more than a year. Silver has performed better but only because it has not declined to the degree Gold has. The one technical positive for the sector is the positive divergence in the miners. They did not make new lows in the second quarter. That is encouraging but only time will tell us how sustainable and significant that might be....

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Jul 12 Gold’s and Silver’s Reversals’ Reversals Przemyslaw Radomski
In yesterday’s analysis, we discussed how meaningful gold and silver’s pre-market decline was given a relatively small move in the USD Index. The implications were quite bearish for the PM market, especially that we had just seen a target being reached in gold stocks. And because mining stocks had just underperformed gold for the first time in weeks. Yet, before the day was over, the USD, gold and silver had all reversed and erased most of their daily moves. Does it make the outlook bullish again? Is gold still likely to reach $1,300 shortly? No. The USD Index indeed reversed its course, but the precious metals’ initial reaction shows how vulnerable they are with regard to the rallies in the USD Index. This is not...

Jul 12 Celente – All Hell May Break Loose In Global Markets KWN
While the business media is focused on tariffs, there are three major trend indicators that are more formidable determinants of sustained market performance: oil, dollar and copper. Bigger than the fear of trade wars, is the oil-war, accelerated by the Trump Administration’s actions against Iran, which has, in part, driven prices up over 60 percent this year already. Oil prices are dollar based. As the dollar rises and currencies of oil-importing countries decline, they are facing powerful downward economic pressures far greater than tariff threats....


Jul 11 Has The PBOC Taken Control of The Gold "Market"? Craig Hemke
By linking the dollar price of gold directly to the yuan, the PBOC has eliminated for now a level of foreign exchange risk to their gold portfolio. Have they done this to enable themselves to continue acquiring physical gold from the west at a "set price" ahead of further yuan devaluations? Is the PBOC planning for a trade war or a liquidation of their massive U.S. treasury position? Or, instead, are they planning for something much more significant?...

Jul 11 Massive U.S. Gold Deposit Hidden In The Chocolate Mountains, CA? SRSrocco
Is the U.S. Government hiding a massive gold deposit in the Chocolate Mountains in California? Well, according to a few top-notch conspiracy theorists, the U.S. Congress passed the Desert Wilderness Protection Act that has cordoned off this vast gold discovery from the public. Unfortunately, we may never know if this mammoth gold deposit exists due to the clandestine nature of our government… or will we? In order to set the record straight, I decided to research “The Great Gold Heist” at the Chocolate Mountains and present the facts in a logical and unbiased way...


Jul 11 The Real Data Show The Real Economy Hit A Wall Dave Kranzler
The economy is melting down – the only support for the Propaganda Narrative of a “booming economy” is a rising stock market. Without a doubt Trump has ordered the Working Group on Financial Markets – AKA “the Plunge Protection Team” – to push stocks higher for now so insiders can unload. The huge jump in credit card debt reported yesterday by the Fed was received as “good news” for consumer spending. However, this is typical technical color vomit served up through the mainstream financial media by Establishment “economists” and Wall Street. The likely explanation is that the average consumer is now forced to use revolving credit in order to maintain the current lifestyle. This assertion is reinforced by the fact that...

Jul 11 The Nuances Of a Gold Price Sale Stewart Thomson
1.) For thousands of years, alchemists have dreamed of creating gold out of thin air. Arguably, today’s alchemists are gold analysts obsessed with calling “market tops and bottoms”. 2.) The relentless search for this holy market grail doesn’t build retained gold market wealth. That’s because gold is simply an asset that is either on sale or not on sale. 3.) It is on sale now. 4.) Shoppers in a grocery store have no interest in market tops or bottoms for tomatoes. All they want to know is if tomatoes are on sale or not. Investors need to approach gold the same way...

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Jul 10 China, Asia and Emerging Markets Could Result In Chaos Chris Vermeulen
Recently, quite a bit of news has been originating from Malaysia, China and other areas of South East Asia. Much of it is concerns with multi-billion dollar projects and excessive corruption and graft. Malaysia is taking the lead with this issue so far with the new Mahathir administration. Yet, we believe these issues are far-reaching and could result in quite a bit of market turmoil over the next few months – possibly much longer. What is at risk is the exposure of “cooked books” across much of China, India and likely throughout the globe with infrastructure and real estate projects that were designed to boost numbers while hiding real economic concerns. You may remember we alerted our members and the general public to...

Jul 10 Two Largest Gold Producing Countries in History SRSrocco
How much gold did the two largest mining countries produce in history? Well, let’s just say that precious metals investors would be quite surprised to learn that the total cumulative gold production from the two leading countries is well over two billion ounces. That is one heck of a lot of gold once we consider that only six billion oz of gold has been mined in recorded history. Here are a few clues on the top two gold producing countries. The country that produced the most gold in history experienced peak production in 1970 while the second largest topped out in 1998. Interestingly, the largest gold producing country mined 1,000 metric tons (mt) of gold in 1970, and only one other nation has come close to supplying less than half of that amount in a year...

Jul 10 WTF Just Happened? Gold: Buy While There’s Blood in the Street Dave Kranzler
Perhaps the best contrarian indicator for the directional movement of gold and silver is Dennis “Wrong Way” Gartman, who recently announced that he was dumping all of his gold “positions” (note: Gartman’s “positions” are theoretical paper portfolio trades): As for gold, we have clearly held on far, far, far too long to having owned gold…clearly we’ve been wrong to have erred bullishly of gold in any fashion whatsoever. We shall have no choice henceforth but to look upon any bounces that we get as opportunities into which to sell (The July 2, 2018 Gartman Letter, page 4). This is true manna from heaven for precious metals investors. Dennis Gartman is one of the best contrarian signals we have observed in over 35 years of involvement with investing and financial markets. He has a remarkable capacity to endure shame because he is almost always wrong when...

Jul 10 Lies and Damned Lies Craig Hemke
Jul 9 Crude Oil Possibly Setting Up For A Big Downside Move Chris Vermeulen
Jul 9 The Demise Of Tesla: We’ve Seen This Movie Before Dave Kranzler
Jul 9 Inflation Rearing Its Ugly Head Alasdair Macleod
Jul 9 Gold Selling Exhausting Adam Hamilton



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